President Obama apologizes

The Prez called the Cambridge officer and apologized. That was good enough for the officer, it ought to be good enough for all of us. There are enough problems facing our country. Besides, it’s a class act for the powerful to admit they’re wrong. Good for Obama.


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15 responses to “President Obama apologizes

  1. anonymous

    Didn’t have much of a choice as an elected clown who aspires for another term…

    Truly powerful people don’t need to suck up to the masses, AKA voters….or to a Board of Directors or shareholders or investors

  2. anonymous 2

    Obama’s instinctive reaction to this incident may reveal more about him than he might have chosen.

  3. Interested Observer

    If there hadn’t been such a media firestorm over the issue that only last night (in yet another interview) Mr. Obama said he was “surprised” at the outrage over his remark, he never would have made the call to the officer. As it is, he felt the need to call both his friend AND the officer, despite the fact that he didn’t disparage his buddy in his comments.

    He sees his popularity ratings sliding south at an alarming rate (which he also just doesn’t understand, bless his heart) and after he screwed up yet again shooting off his mouth without engaging his brain, had no other recourse than to make the pseudo-apologetic gesture. Can’t blame him for the remark of course, since he didn’t have time to have the teleprompter answer for him.

    It would have been a class act to not say it in the first place, or in leiu of that, to retract it immediately..rather than 3 days later when the heat refused to die down. Of course, that is his style on every issue.

    This act deserves no kudos. It was merely meant to address his “image” and not a measure of his substance.

  4. steamer

    if this harvard proffessor is so smart why’d he lock himself out in the first place?

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    I agree with you.
    And you aren’t powerful or a class act, but you can’t admit when you are wrong. Like on my role in this whole Bernie issue. You are doing to me what he did to the poor flat foot. But he gets he was wrong. You do not, and refuse to acknowledge old Uncle Walt was duped like everyone else. You load.
    Anyway, it was the right thing for him to do.
    So know, if we can stop getting him to socializing every industry in the country, we will be OK.
    Your Pal,

  6. Anon @ in the earlier post

    I still think it was a set up. I recognise that other readers have hinted in this direction also.
    And the BBC does too, I believe. (Do they read your blog???)

    Opening comments by this journalist, elicit that Obama has a race issue,

    “a row that he doesn’t need, but a row he somehow seems to want”.

    Mind blowing stuff. The BBC are usually incredibly PC. They usually avoid anything controversial.

    P.S. I missed the fact earlier, that Gates is actually a friend of Obama. In that case, he should have stood well back. I now know who’s been stupid, and it’s not me for once !
    (Just one example of scepticism in my life)

  7. J

    How long is it going to take when the citizens state “George Bush wasnt so bad”?

    Did you really expect much from the community organizer- two year senator? People who voted for him expected something different but now they can admire their choice.

  8. Mouse


    You may be right and you may be wrong, but have you tried:

  9. Wally

    I’m with Interested Observer.

  10. Anonymous

    Propagating race-baiting takes up way more of the President’s time and agenda than securing the release of the American soldier held captive by the Taliban.

    If asked on the spot and without the teleprompter, I doubt that Barry can name even one Medal of Honor recipient from the Iraqi and Afghan wars.

  11. round hill babe

    I am glad to see that the author of this blog is not a knee-jerk anti-Obama guy.

  12. I had Gates in my Shakespeare section when he was an undergraduate at Yale. He was a PITA then, and apparently he still is, with major anger management issues. I can’t believe he’s wangled his way into a professorship at Harvard. I guess you can fool some of the people some of the time, as Lincoln said.

  13. greenmtnpunter

    Everything with The O is a political calculation, everything. If he hadn’t received so much heat on Gates-gate he would have let it slide by. If he truly thought he had made the error of disrespecting the cop, he would have apologized the next day. The O and his henchmen are narcissists, and narcissists never admit fault.

    With Rahm and Axelrod behind the scenes pulling the strings of The O Puppet, perhaps the two most despicable, dangerous people ever to be near a President, everything is a political gambit: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Same with all of their legislation, executives orders, etc. As long as the sheeple don’t pipe up and cause a stink, all is well.

    Now it is up to us to raise the same kind of stink on cap and tax as we did on this health care scam and Gates-gate. The very thought of Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod dictating my health care, dictating my anything makes me furious. These are evil people who are drunk with the blood lust of power.

  14. fred

    Tell us how you reallly feel greenmtn…

  15. Net Worth Declining

    I think the interesting point is that no-one (not CEO’s of AIG, Citibank, BofA, not the hedgefund bond holders at GM, etc etc) has been able to stand up to Obama as he strong arms his agenda through. Until he runs into a Cambridge Police Sargent, who says “I am not apologizing…..” and WHAM he has to back down and offer beer at the white house. Hooray for Sargent Crowley, the first person with a back bone to come along. Oh that more of us did our jobs by the book and stood up for what is right.