Price cuts today but no contracts

4 Druid

4 Druid

This house on Druid in Riverside sold via bidding war for $2,000,010 in 2004. It came back on a few months ago for $2.295 and today dropped to $1.900. Assessed value is $1.3 million. I remember looking at this house back when I was in Mrs. Wilson’s First Grade classroom across the street and wondering why someone didn’t yank off those columns. No one ever has in the fifty years since but an architect critic was born.


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6 responses to “Price cuts today but no contracts

  1. Cobra

    I’m not sure if that house was constructed at the time I, too, gazed out of Mrs. Wilson’s classroom seven years before you did the same (my eldest son also had her as his First Grade teacher and, unfortunately for him, she remembered my consistent lack of discipline and assumed he might have inherited the “rowdy disruption” gene).

    I believe that home was owned by the Ruwe family, of the Ruwe Pencil Company, back in the ’50’s.

    • christopherfountain

      It was built in 1948, Cobra, so I’m pretty sure those columns were there during both our respective purgatories with Mrs. Wilson. One of the pencil heads ended up on Gilliam much later, just to the left (north) of the Wallaces. Don’t know what happened to the parents or even if the company survived. The old factory is still there near Post Road Iron Works but whatever is happening in there, it isn’t pencil making. They’ve been erased, if you get my point.

  2. Wally

    I think this comes down to what is land value in that part of Riverside.

  3. Oldie But Goodie

    You suppose the TV antenna on the roof is also vintage 1948?

    A sawz-all can take care of the columns in an afternoon; add some landscaping and I think it’d come back to life. Right now the home looks a bit sad and unappreciated.

  4. New Buyer

    This post made me laugh out loud. I saw this house listed on-line several months ago and the first thing I thought was — “Those columns have to go.” My second thought was — “The house must be a mess inside” — because there are no interior shots available anywhere. I don’t know if my second thought was correct, but you have confirmed that my first impression was spot on. A good architect and the house has potential. Maybe you have a second (or third or fourth or . . . tenth) calling?

  5. pulled up in OG

    “A sawz-all can take care of the columns in an afternoon.”

    More fun when you watch a redneck do it.
    “Hey y’all . . . watch this!!”