The shape of things to stay

Greenwich YMCA circa 2020

Greenwich YMCA circa 2020


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7 responses to “The shape of things to stay

  1. Lorin

    somebody ought to write a book on this one….

  2. pulled up in OG

    The Y has surely burned through a few million since the handicap access issue first arose, and there’s still none, apparently. Just proves it was a mistake letting the dirty rat bastards off the hook in the first place.

  3. dogwalker

    Why is the handicap issue the one that always seems to come up? (It was the only thing mentioned on the board at the Greenwich Time when work was halted – and people were posting like crazy from all over the country when the lawsuit was brought.) And now it comes up here. I fancy myself as being reasonably sensitive, but it does seem to be that there is much more to this than the handicap issue.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know, DogWalk, but the folks running things at the Y have certainly crippled operations there, so it’s kind of appropriate, I suppose.

  4. dogwalker

    p.s. It is not my intention to be argumentative (on this point at least), I’m genuinely curious.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Dogwalker – Here’s a ‘public’ building that the town allowed to open (presumably w/a temporary CO, since it’s not finished) and a handicapped member can’t even get in it.

    Compare that to Hamilton Avenue school, where the height of classroom thermostats was a big deal for the town – a ‘critical’ item for that temporary CO. Now, these t’stats should have lockable covers so students, and teachers too, for that matter, handicapped or otherwise, don’t mess with ’em. And I doubt any of the janitors are in a wheelchair.

  6. dogwalker

    Thanks for the responses. Chris, it’s too late in the day to attempt even a feeble comeback.

    pulled up, I don’t know what they were thinking as they moved forward with this. My understanding is that the project was presented to Town Hall as happening in phases; thus the temporary CO was for the new pool area, etc., with the promise that access would come in the final phase – so it’s not really comparable with Hamilton Avenue. My guess is they were continuing on whatever exemption the original building had from disability access (which would have been a nightmare to implement) and the court ruling confirmed whatever the arrangement had been.

    Well, I could ramble . . . there is no denying the whole thing is a mess. What rubs me the wrong way is that it seems that the institution is most often under attack, which I think is not deserved. It’s a victim, too, of some really bad decisions on the part of a now former director and, who?, one or more board members?