He’ll be renting

It says here that Daniel Mudd, former CEO of Fannie Mae, is trying to sell his mansion in D.C. and “buy or rent in Greenwich” in order to start his next gig at Fortress Group August 11th. You’ll have to click on tho kink for a picture of the Mudd House but it’s a pretty typical brick job like you’ll see by the dozen on Round Hill Road. Assuming it’s in god shape, has a pool (if houses have pools in D.C.) and prices down south are comparable to house prices in Greenwich, I’d say he’ll be waiting a long time to get his asked-for price of $9.5 million. Not to fear; I’m sure he can get Chris Dodd to arrange a mortgage forbearance plan for him.

Interesting, by the way, that a descendant of the infamous Dr. Mudd, the physician who treated John Wilkes Booth, should return to the scene of the crime. No wonder it’s reported that he can’t get into any of the better clubs.

UPDATE: Took the time to look at all the photos. A very nice house, on an acre, with a pool. I still don’t think it would fetch $9.5 million in Greenwich – not quickly, anyway – but with all that money in Washington in the hands of Congressmen, lobbyists and of course the corrupt relatives of African dictators, maybe it’ll move fast.


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2 responses to “He’ll be renting

  1. Cobra

    Nice looking property and house. A lot more attractive then the gross looking McMansions that have proliferated rampantly throughout Greenwich.

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know if it’s in Georgetown, Cobra, but my aunt and uncle lived there and back in the early 60s, the place was filled with beautiful old houses like this one. We visited someone, next door to Bobby kennedy, I think, whose house looked very much like this. Funny place, Georgetown in that era. There were Kennedys, MacManeras (sp), the whole shebang – I believe john kennedy had been killed the previous fall and there were kennedy administration and the new Johnson folks all mixed in together, along with out-of-power but still remembered Republicans. Heady stuff for an 11 year old just getting interested in politics.