Riverside sale?

60 Meadow

60 Meadow

Rumor has it that this 1932 house on the corner of Willow and Meadow which came on the market last week for $3.9 million already has a buyer. I saw it last week and again yesterday and it’s a charming place, beautifully renovated and expanded by the current owners but I’d have pegged it at $3.4, $3.5 , even with its acre of land, because there’s still a lot of work to do upstairs if someone wants a modern master bedroom suite.  But it’s also my experience that when a resident of a particular neighborhood really wants a particular house, they’ll pay to make sure they get it. Club Road, also in Riverside, has seen some astonishing prices precisely because of this phenomenon.  So if the rumor’s true, that’s great – it shows that there is money out there. My guess is that a lot of buyers have held off because they didn’t know where the bottom was. Now that it seems likely that, for some properties, the bulk of their price deterioration has taken place, buyers are committing to what they want. That does not mean that there aren’t still a huge number of houses for sale that have yet to approach their proper value and those aren’t going anywhere, in my opinion. But if you see a house that you like now, and the price is fair, grab it; don’t assume that there’s no one else out there buying.


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4 responses to “Riverside sale?

  1. Riverside Dog Walker

    Beautiful piece of property. You sure can’t tell by looking at this house that it was built in 1932.

  2. AnthonyFountain

    As a kid I thought that house was one of the nicest looking in Riverside and still think so today.

    The only possible hitch: doesn’t Cobra live around there?

  3. Cobra

    You’re both correct.

    For a five year period in the ’70’s, I did live on Field Road, just a stone’s throw away from this handsome house.
    When P&Z denied my application to build an underground
    bunker/command center and shooting range on my 1/4 acre lot, I moved to a series of other locations. In 1986 I moved to my present base of operations which, as Chris comments is, in as much as I can keep it so, secure and undisclosed from those without need to know security clearance.