Won’t some Colombian investor please have a talk with Andres?

While poor Walter Noel is stuck cadging free drinks at the Bathing Club in the Hamptons (where he was blackballed from membership, but can still walk the hallowed grounds if accompanied by a member) and is banned from his digs at the Round Hill Club, son-in-law Andres Piedrahita is busy living it up on stolen money. Turns out, he’s off cruising the high seas on his new $30 million yacht he bought this June. That’s not just showing no remorse, that’s rubbing defrauded investors’ noses in it. Could be dangerous, Andres.

"Two mojitos, Walter and then I believe the master stateroom's head needs attending to."

"Two mojitos, Walter and then I believe the master stateroom's head needs attending to."

Greetings from Bogata!

Greetings from Bogata!


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16 responses to “Won’t some Colombian investor please have a talk with Andres?

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Why would anyone have a problem with this? Do you know the lead time required to order a dinghy like this? About 2 years.
    So Andres ordered this well before we knew Bernie was a scam. So what is he supposed to do? Leave it in his driveway? Of course not. You know that.
    So he (we) earned the money, why not enjoy it? It would be stupid not to.
    And I AM NOT banned from RHC. Those weasels don’t have the balls to do that.
    And Andres was going to name the boat “I Screwed U” but I convinced him that was a bad idea.
    So what, exactly, is your problem?
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Good point, Walt, but “lead time’ for Andres’ boat builder may turn into “lead time”for Andres, delivered from the muzzle of a gun. Just saying, maybe you want to stay in Greenwich at the club (glad to hear you’ve been reinstated) while Andres and the Filly brave the Adriatic.

  2. John in Derby

    Not a pretty boat. Camper and Nicholson was well known for elegant and functional yacht’s over the years, including Sir Francis Chichester’s Gypsy Moth IV. So it goes. Hope they got paid at least.



  3. Walt

    My Esteemed Duderino –
    Andres sold the big European Banks. Not individual investors. He sold them with wining and dining. Hence the boat. And he gets to take it as a tax write off, so it cost him a lot less than you think. NOW do you feel better?
    Anyway, no one would harm Andres. He is just like you. The Village Idiot. He tells a few “did you hear the one about about” jokes, takes you for lunch, or golf, or a boat ride, maybe a rub and a tug if you have serious scratch, and he moves on. So why would anyone be mad at him? The kid is a moron, for Pete’s Sake. So lighten up.
    Your Pal,

  4. XGreenwichChic

    What a arrogant buffoon!

    I suppose he feels this cruise is well-deserved. Afterall, he had to cancel his 50th birthday party (see “Greenwich Mean Time” article in VF).

    Watch your back, Andres — there are pirates out there on the high seas!

  5. Angry pirates on the high seas

    Would you be so kind as to provide us with the coordinates of Mr. Piedrahita’s vessel?

    Off to the Adriatic

    Kind Regards,

    Angry pirates on the high seas

  6. Andres Piedrahita

    Dear bloggers,

    Please do not tip those angry pirates on my location. I am trying to enjoy a quiet family cruise without all the drama.


  7. anon

    According to GHIN.com, Walt still belongs to Round Hill. But he hasn’t posted any scores since last year:

    Name: Walter W Noel
    Club HDCP Index Effective Date
    Round Hill Club
    Metropolitan Golf Association 17.1 7/22/2009
    Sebonack Golf Club
    Metropolitan Golf Association 17.1 7/22/2009
    Revision ScoresAll ScoresH.I. HistoryC.H. Calculator
    U T Date Score CR/Slope Diff.
    H 8/08 97 71.4/136 21.3
    * H 8/08 96 71.4/136 20.4
    H 8/08 96 71.4/136 20.4
    * H 8/08 93 71.4/136 17.9
    H 8/08 96 71.4/136 20.4
    * A 8/08 93 71.1/133 18.6
    A 8/08 100 71.1/133 24.6
    * H 8/08 95 71.4/136 19.6
    A 8/08 96 71.7/133 20.6
    H 7/08 97 71.4/136 21.3
    H 10/07 98 71.2/135 22.4
    H 10/07 104 71.2/135 27.5
    * A 7/06 91 71.2/135 16.6
    A 7/06 96 70.0/135 21.8
    * H 7/06 93 71.2/135 18.2
    * H 5/06 89 71.2/135 14.9
    * H 7/05 88 71.1/130 14.7
    H 6/05 95 71.1/130 20.8
    * H 6/05 93 71.1/130 19.0
    * H 5/05 93 71.1/130 19.0

  8. stan the man

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Looks like Walt is relaxing in the Hamptons, working on his golf game – definite sighting in the Sebonack 2 day member guest last weekend. Guess he didn’t get an invite on the boat.

  9. anon

    i think it’s funny that they were selling quality, portable alpha and beta.

  10. anon

    Stan- if Walt is playing at Sebonack, he ought to be posting his scores. He hasn’t posted any since 8/08, so it would seem his handicap index is also a fraud.

  11. jill

    wow Andres,
    you sure have come along way from driving me around BU in that old car without the rearview mirror!!!

  12. Stu

    FYI – there’s an uppitydate from the FGG PR folks concerning the big pond dinghy .

    “UPDATE: FGG’s PR folks weigh in with a clarification:

    Vicky Ward’s Huffington Post item Monday about Andres Piedrahita – which you picked up – was incorrect and misleading in several ways. Mr. Piedrahita is trying to sell the yacht to help raise funds for a potential settlement with the Madoff bankruptcy trustee, Irving Picard. Mr. Piedrahita has been using the yacht to meet with prospective buyers. He was not able to cancel his purchase or refuse to accept delivery of the yacht. ”

    Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/henry-blodget-fggs-piedrahita-so-sorry-about-blowing-client-money-with-madoff-he-bought-a-40-million-yacht-2009-7

    If true, some people must be getting nervous.

  13. PoeticJustic

    check out the news report on the yacht…maybe they can photoshop it into the picture of the “O-I-Lied-A” condos (former Maneros), why didnt Tamar think of that?? Her assistant is slipping.


  14. cal

    Re Walt’s golf scores, he is still the hacker I caddied for back in the 70’s. You would have thought with all the moola, he’d have taken some lessons and improved.