Here’s why every modern person needs a law degree

Landlord sues tenant for twittering nasty things about her apartment.

Sun-Times: Jeffrey Michael, whose family has run Horizon for more than 25 years, said: “The statements are obviously false, and it’s our intention to prove that.” He said that while she moved out recently, the company never had a conversation about the post and never asked her to take it down.

“We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization,” he said.

I don’t know where in Chicago Horizon Group Management LLC operates its slum tenements but I’m sure some enterprising University of Chicago law students can find out. If so, may I suggest they twitter from there about what an ass hat Jeffrey Michael is, what a crummy outfit Horizon is, how bad the mold and  fungus are and maybe threaten a suit for the bites suffered from the vicious rats roaming the hallways? See if Mr. Michale “sues first, asks questions later” then.

UPDATE: Ha! Stephen Braverman, you might want to read this:

Babcock says the only thing that could undercut his argument is the woman’s Twitter account was public. She only had 20 followers, but the suit alleges the tweet was able to be “distributed throughout the world.”

If Jeffrey Michael and Horizon Group Management were concerned about the dissemination of one tinsy criticism twittered to 20 readers, they should see the affect Michael’s asine quote about suing first has had. Google Jeffrey Michael, Horizon Group or both and you’ll see this story has now gone around te world, via the AP, the Wall Street Journal,, Business Insider and soon the BBC, Times of India and everywhere else. I have sent a link to this post along to Mr. Michael and begged him to sue me but I suspect he’ll be so swamped in angry emails that he won’t have time to oblige. Did I mention he’s an asshole? Or that the majority of tenants in Chicago who contract life-threatening infestations of bedbugs and crabs do so while sleeping in a Horizon Group Management apartment building? Ugh!


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3 responses to “Here’s why every modern person needs a law degree

  1. James O'Boston

    Christopher, at times, you just absolutely rock. This is one of those times.

    You don’t even need to post this on the board. Just read it and enjoy a self-satisfied giggle because you’ve more than earned it.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I think I might want to join you in the suit too. Sounds like jolly fun.

  3. The tenants should form an association if they haven’t and try to intervene in the process. They should also ask that the various city organizations that inspect housing should investigate. The defense should set up a web page for current and former tenants to submit their stories and complaints. The defendants need to ask for copies of every complaint by a tenant.

    Some landlords in Chicago don’t have the heat on very much in winter. I was in one building there and there was an old woman who was afraid to complain about the heat not being on. I complained to the landlord and said he was wrong to treat this old woman that way. His reply was not appropriate but was not as bad as the landlord in this case.

    Many Chicago buildings have old style heat and unless the furnace is on full blast on cold winter days, the apartments are cold. Elderly people really suffer. They have to have heavy coats on in their apartment and are still not warm. They are afraid of the landlords and don’t complain because they don’t want to be thrown out of their home that they have lived in for many years and know the people around them. For some old people this is all the family they have. The landlords know this.