Bernie Madoff gives first interview

It’s his first because no one wants to visit him. But this lawyer who’s suing the Madoff clan did, and Bernie opened up. Here’s a big d’oh: Bernie says he got away with it because the SEC was so dumb. You think? Fun article, for Madoff fans. Myself, I’m waiting for Walt Noel to fess up but judging from all his comments on this board, we’ll be waiting a long time for that.


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5 responses to “Bernie Madoff gives first interview

  1. Inagua

    Walt will never fess up. He may settle; he may be convicted; but he will never admit that there is any shame in being the World’s Biggest Ponzi Salesman. He will go to his grave thinking he was a victim who should have been allowed to keep the hundreds of millions in fees Madoff paid him.

  2. XGreenwichChic

    Inagua you are so right.

    Walter — and the entire Noel clan for that matter — are too arrogant to admit any wrongdoing.

    Sad, but true — the rise and fall of the Noels will make for a great series of Lifetime made for TV movies.

  3. Walt

    Iguana –
    You are correct, Lizard Boy. I was a victim, so there is nothing to fess up to. All the Noel’s can hold their manes high.
    Your Pal,

  4. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Bernie says the SEC was not paying attention. Bernie counted on that. He also counted on others not paying attention….or not really doing “deep due diligence” as advertised to clients. Does that sound like anyone we know?

    Any further word on how the yacht trip is going? God forbid anything like financial reality get in the way of the Noel’s fun……..(“Oh oysters come and walk with us the Walrus did beseech….”)

  5. fred

    the lawyer who represents some of the ‘victims’ want to shift culpability to the sec . you are all going to bailout the maduff losers if the sec is proved liable. suckers