Geeze, Stephen Dent dodged a bullet here

Here’s another moron who had an affair with a prostitute but instead of just blackmailing him (3X!) , this babe used inside information he gave her to trade on and now he’s just pled guilty to six counts of securities fraud. I guess blackmail and public humiliation is better than that, eh? Dent’s property on Gilliam Lane is still for sale, by the way, and still pegged at the improbable price of $13 million. I’m glad that he didn’t lose everything to those blackmailing hussies because if he was counting on the cash from selling this place, he’d be screwed, so to speak.


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7 responses to “Geeze, Stephen Dent dodged a bullet here

  1. lorin

    I know I’ve been away for a while….but Gilliam Lane has a $13 million propery?!

    • christopherfountain

      No, it has a 4.5 $ property asking $13. It’s the old Fritzche place, unchanged.

  2. john

    I live 2,000 miles away and I check your site almost daily for some of the funniest shit/writing I get to see. Thanks.

  3. Cobra

    The old Fritzche place? Not Jack Brod’s (sp?) place ? Nor the Patrick’s, certainly. I don’t recall the “Fritzche’s” living on Gilliam.

    Must have been built after I “left the the building” (much to the neighbors’ relief) when that barely paved driveway was referred to as “the end of Gilliam Lane,” before the “Twin Lakes Lane” euphemism was created.

    • christopherfountain

      The olld teichert place, Cobra. The Fritsche’s used to live on Weston Hill but moved in pretty early, but perhaps still past your tenure as King of the road. The had a passel of kids (7? 9? 6?) teh youngest of whom, Adam, went through the ice on the Patrick’s pond when he was about 3. two firemen went after him, through the ice and water and we were all very very impressed. Adam must be 48 or so by now, but I’ll bet he still remembers the incident.

  4. Lorin

    I used to see bluebirds frolicking on ” the end of Gilliam Lane”.

  5. Former Owner

    I am tired of hearing the home on Twin Lakes Lane trashed. I owned that home and sold it to the Dents. I was a least two or three owners after the Fritches???? ( the ones with all the children ).
    It is a place that I remember with great fondness and happy memories. It was a lovely family home in excellent condition with some renovations made by my family, a new kitchen, bathrooms and a pool to names a few. I do not know if the Dents did any additional work. I agree the price of 13million is a bit rich, but stop trashing the home, just because you disagree with the current owner’s