Yet another contract – bank sale in OG

Ledge Rd. housewarming gift

Ledge Rd. housewarming gift

12 Ledge Road, possibly the ugliest post and beam home ever constructed, has gone to contract. It started life way back in 2006 at $3.795 and after the hilarity died down it returned to Ulster Bank, the chumps who’d loaned the money for its construction, and they put it back up for sale at $2.995. That’s where it was when it went to contract today, so who knows what the final price will be. There are some features about the land that some might find off putting, the creek running through and over the land being perhaps the most prominent, but Ledge is a prettyroad, even if this house isn’t, and it is, after all, Old Greenwich. Assessed value is $2.2 million and I’d say this time the town got it about right.


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5 responses to “Yet another contract – bank sale in OG

  1. Anonymous

    where did richard harris go? he built #12 and the adjacent house as well. there are major flooding issues after every significant rain event.

    • christopherfountain

      It’s complicated, Anon, and I’ll explain later. His last project, up by the Merritt on Butternut, is now owned by Greenwich Bank & Trust, much to their regret, I’m sure.

  2. Stanwich

    I just looked at the listing. Unless the pictures are completely misrepresentative of the home, I would say you’re off base here. I think it is a very nice house, although I am not a huge fan of all the beams (part of the post ‘n’ beam thing you say is hideous). But the beams can be slathered in some cheap home depot paint and you’d be all set with a beautiful house in a great location. I have no idea if the pricing is totally wrong, I am just commenting on the aesthetics. What am I missing here CF, the house looks really nice to me?

    • christopherfountain

      Stan, I was in it twice and believe me on this – I love post and beam, and this one sucks. In my humble opinion, of course – obviously, someone disagreed or they wouldn’t have bought it. But I will say that another agent said exactly what I was thinking: “I never thought I’d see a post and beam house I didn’t like, until I saw this one”.

  3. Anonymous

    I totally agree Chris about Ledge Rd.!! I was so disappointed when I saw it the first time (How long ago was that??!!) Anyway, what do you think about 414 Stanwich- Has been on the market since 3/06 at 2.695 and is now 1.995 I know it is on a busy street and house needs some updating (but not much) the land is pretty and if one could negotiate the price I think it is a pretty good deal. The owners must want to sell since they also own a house on Perkins.