McKinney drops out of Himes race – Frantz at the gate?

As predicted here months ago (well, maybe last week), John McKinney couldn’t raise enough money to mount a campaign against Jim Himes and so has annunced his intention to stay in Hartford. Does this mean Scot Frantz, the Riverside resident who swears he’s not bored in Hartford, will enter the race. Of course it does. If nothing else, moving down to Washington for a few years will allow him to escape the noise and disruption of  all that castle-building going on and scheduled for his end of Meadow Road.

Frantz may have competition though, at least briefly. From what I can discern reading between the lines, former Congressman Chris Shaysis in a financial pickle because of the defalcations of his former aide, and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid payroll taxes and the like which the aide took for himself. The Republicans would love to help Shays out – he was popular, honest and a loyal Republican, but can’t do much unless he’s campaigning for something. So maybe he starts a run to regain his seat, collects enough money to pay off what was stolen and graceful retires again.

There are supposedly other candidates out there, but my money (a figure of speech – give real money, even once, to a politician and you’ll be on every call list of every politician across the country forever) is on Frantz.

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