Riverside Contract

60 Meadow Road, that nice brick house I mentioned earlier last week, has gone to contract in ten days. $3.995 or something like that. Nice house on an acre of land. My guess is that someone local has admired this house for awhile and when it became available, jumped. Good for them.


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8 responses to “Riverside Contract

  1. Cotswood

    Sold by the Chair of the Board of Ed, no? She deserves it – they’ve been doing such a fine job…

  2. Stanwich

    Clearly the market is picking up. Might be pent up demand or prices have dropped enough for people to feel comfortable. My feeling it is both. My thinking behind our recent purchase is that even if prices continue to fall, I am now in a house that we’ll be in for the long term, ovrer which I would expect to recover any lost value. In addition, sometimes you just need the space so what else are you supposed to do?

  3. riv,ct

    It’s not a townie, it’s someone from NYC. Riverside is hot, there’s a lot of action goin’ on! Dawn Harbor x2, Meadow, and I hear one on Willomere has a contract pending too. I know of at least 5 families looking seriously to upgrade and they all want Riverside because of the school and the neighborhoods.

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    So the builder of 49 Willow Road will see this sale across the street, or more properly across the Fountain (for out of towners, both 60 Meadow and 49 Willow border a nice little traffic circle with a fountain in the middle, how good is that?) as a comparable sale and vindication of his price.

    Of course, not realizing he has the worst lot on a very good street and it is nothing of the sort.

  5. Anonymous

    Zillow say $2.6 mil. But you know best. Is that way under?
    If that is the true value, does it make sense that they are new to Riverside? Or is it that this was a great home to grab?

    • christopherfountain

      Zillow can be spot on or way off – in this case, I think it was off. I wouldn’t base my decision to nuy or sell a particular house solely on their pricing. But they’re a factor to consider.

  6. Anonymous

    what is the highest price a home on this street would fetch, (not being waterfront)?

    • christopherfountain

      There were some pretty high sales for non-waterfront in the past, but I’d say this one, just under $4, was pushing the limit. That’s not to say that a brand new house wouldn’t command a much higher tag – $5? but there’s nothing new under the sun on Meadow now.