The love that dares not speak its name

Man arrested for having sex with horse, twice. Thanks for the link to Walt who is naturally protective of his filly(ie)’s and keeps a constant guard up for shameful stories like this.

Posted in July 29th, 2009 by Claudette Rothman in Animals, Rape

Fifty-year-old Rodell Vereen was arrested for having sex with a horse twice in less than one year after the animal’s owner caught him on surveillance camera.

Last year, the South Carolina man pleaded guilty to having sex with the same animal and was placed on the state’s sex offender list, and earlier this month, he returned to the same stable outside of Myrtle Beach to have sex with the horse, again.

The horse’s owner, Barbara Kenley told authorities that since the last incident, she had been waiting for Vereen with her shotgun and camera, but earlier this month when he returned she couldn’t shoot him because she did not want to go to jail.

It is believed that Vereen suffers from a mental problem

Two observations: First, under Greenwich’s new sex offender law, poor Mr. Vereen won’t be allowed at our beaches, school grounds or parks now that he’s a registered sex offender in South Carolina (although maybe he can apply for a pardon – the Governor of that state would probably lend a sympathetic ear). Two, this story is the subject of  a joke so old that only the Fountain family remembers it (it can happen in the best of families, as Walt will attest): Two Englishmen are in their club, drinking whiskey, when one asks the other,

“I say, whatever happened to  Featherstone? Haven’t seen him around in ages.”

“Oh, haven’t you heard? He ran away with his horse.”

“His horse! Mare or stallion?”

“Mare, of course. Nothing queer about old Featherstone.”


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3 responses to “The love that dares not speak its name

  1. anonymous

    Should join forces with the same-sex marriage crowd to lobby for decriminalization, equal rights and domestic partner benefits for animal lovers/partners…

  2. Riverside Roger

    I loved Conan’s joke…this guy just couldn’t take neigh for an answer

  3. Paco

    This behavior would be illegal in your reactionary community? How quaint. Not exactly the same in “progressive” Washington state.

    A few years back a man died following intercourse with a stallion (?!). Turned out this thing was occurring regularly, without the horse owners’ knowledge, at a farm to which a couple of entrepreneurs, for a fee, took men of a certain persuasion from Seattle.

    When the sheriff looked into the matter he discovered no law had been broken. So the matter was taken up in the Washington legislature.

    They corrected the situation by making this act illegal. Did they do so on the grounds that it was an unhealthy thing for men of a certain persuasion to do and that horse pimps should not be profiting from said unhealthy proclivity? Of course not. The travesty was that the horse was being exploited and abused because it was not capable of giving consent to the act. Washington’s animal rights advocates are pleased that horses will no longer be violated in this manner. Seattle horse lovers, presumably not so happy with our legislature rolling over for the animal rights crowd, will no doubt try to reverse this puritanical bigotry against their lifestyle.