Andres Piedrahita: We’re so sorry, we’ll give it all back!

So he says now. Walt Noel, however, has already emailed us to say that his dumb son-in-law is high on horse flatulence and no money is going to be returned, ever. I’ll bet Walt is right on this, and that Andres was put up to this egregious lie by Fairfield Greenwich Group’s PR guy, Seth Faison.


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9 responses to “Andres Piedrahita: We’re so sorry, we’ll give it all back!

  1. Tilly

    Why it is a good thing that Monica is such a great cook. I can just see her with a little store in Old Greenwich selling her backed goods and pies. That might pay the rent on some section 8 housing they will qualify for after everything including their silk drawers are sold off.

    I would say she could have an outpost down on Mystique but they are not well received down there even before that little account problem with their go to boy.

    Than again she might do well coming over to the island of Spanish Wells, it isn’t Mystique and our houses are a lot less Gucci-Mucci but home made bake goods are snapped up like fresh lobster…

    Come on down Monica, I will set you up and do all your marketing and PR for 60% of all profits… 🙂

  2. Inagua

    Piedrahita has a well deserved reputation as a prankster. Yesterday, he leaked to the NY Post that he was going to sell his new boat to repay his victims. When some fools bought that whopper, today he upped the stakes in an interview with a Columbian paper to all fees he ever collected from Madoff!

  3. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Walt and the fillies have made it for over seven months and are still sailing the seven seas. Does anybody really think the legal system is going to run this group to ground? They’ve had years to stash the money all over the world. Doubtless Walt, Monica and the girls are yucking it up over cocktails somewhere……”Martinique, that Monserrat mystique.” Anyway, Seth is on the job!

  4. Rick Bourke

    The Noel’s are my kind of people. Stop ragging on them. They are innocent!


  5. Reputation Mgmt.

    My sources tell me they are “not welcome in Brazil.” So if it’s hidden there, they’re going to have a tough time getting it.

    Yes, they might be sailing the seven seas, but my gut is that there’s a rookie fed tailing their every move.

    And even with the stashes on hand, their “scandal free” reputations (see VF article in 2002) are ruined — and all the blood money in the world can’t change that.

    Have fun Seth — hope you got some cash up front for your services.

  6. Walt

    My Fellow Bloggors and Bloggettes –
    Please kindly allow me to retort, if you will.
    Tilly –
    My dear. Where did you hear Monica can cook? And bake, no less? She wouldn’t know an oven from a toilet. And 60% of the profits? Surely you jest. Think about 5%, 1% less than those real estate “professionals” and I will consider putting the Noel hoof print on it. But only if you do all the work.
    Iguana –
    You cold blooded, lizardy, slimey, crawl under a rock, fork tounged weasel!!
    How have you been my friend? I hope all is well. We are all peachy.
    At least you got it that Andres was pulling their leg. Give money BACK!!!! Can you believe someone took him seriously??? What Morons. And no sense of humor. Like CHRIS!!!!! Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter.
    Jessica –
    Where in Brooklyn? Are you on the waterfront? Ride the cyclone? Nathans? In the Mafia? Does a tree really grow there?
    And we ARE yucking it up. The prank Andres pulled today? A classic. Give the money back? And they BOUGHT IT!!!!
    I am pissing my pampers!!!
    Your Pal,

  7. llllllll88llllllll

    Walter Noel sees the stream of money flow on the skislopes

  8. Just Jealous

    I love the Noel’s. The detractors here just can’t stand success. Go out and make a business as fantastic as theirs. They are not guilty and you need to lighten up people. The girls couldn’t be well mannered and polite. Grace and style will never go out of fashion. It is always easier to tear something down than to build it up. Get a life detractors.

  9. What was that?

    Just Jealous says “The girls couldn’t be well mannered and polite.” I think your assigned flack meant to say something else. Perhaps it is a new tactic, bash your client before someone else does.