Chris Dodd has prostate cancer

I wish him well. Fortunately, this seems to be one of the cancers medicine has gotten the better of and he should be fine. He says it won’t stop him from running for reelection and judging from the experience of friends of mine who’ve had this disease, it shouldn’t. Naturally, I hope that a Republican prevents him from serving another term, but that’s a different matter.


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6 responses to “Chris Dodd has prostate cancer

  1. J

    Think he is going to milk this until next November

  2. Anonymous

    He’s lucky he will be treated in the U.S. In the US, you have a 4-1 better chance of survival than in the UK, where they have the socialized medicine program Dodd and the rest of ’em pine for.

  3. Anonymous

    Anon @3.26 makes a good point.
    Maybe Dodd would like to take his chances and try the British NHS or Canadian system for fun. Both systems take outside patients, you just pay the hospitals for care received ……… eventually.

    If he is over 40 years, they might just give him some end of life counselling instead.

    I believe that the doctors in the NHS, killed my mother-in-law. They made her wait 5 months from abnormal CT scan to biopsy, for a brain tumour.
    After her diagnosis, her family begged for chemo.
    The benefit of their late diagnosis is that drug therapy is a self-limiting expense to the health systems. The NHS is riddled with these examples of care.
    A six month wait for Aricept, after which time the disease progression may have disqualified the patient from treatment. Oh joy!

  4. cynic1

    A-non … dont fret about Dodds treatment … congress has already agreed … with themselves … that they will keep their over-generous care plan … and just subject the rest of us to the piece of crap they are proposing.

  5. NCJoe

    Would it be too crass of me to point out that this is an excellent career move?
    Creates sympathy, changes the subject, and sets up the “triumphant hero overcomes adversity” scenario if (when?) he wins reelection.
    Just a thought…

  6. Riversider

    See this MSNBC interview:

    I don’t know much about Peter Schiff but after watching him keep his composure and speak articulately in the face of a disgusting biased interview, I am certainly impressed. Mr. Schiff may get my vote.

    Laurence O’Donnell and MSNBC are asses.