Edgar Martins is back at The NYT (briefly)

Readers may remember when the NYT Magazine ran an article on failed housing developments and used the services of one Edgar Martins to illustrate it. Well, once he admitted digitally altering the photos, including one of Patriot Bank’s 14 Baldwin Farms South, the entire article was yanked and there went my own exposure in the Times’ online edition. Drat.

But we have no hard feelings here at FWIW, and a man with Martins skills at fabrication are exactly what we needed so we hired him as our staff photographer and reporter. Together with our gossip reporter Scusie, we’re now able to bring you the latest, most accurate reporting in town because we don’t limit ourselves to reporting what a person says, we tell you what that person’s really thinking. So much better, and so much fun.

Anyway, the Times has brought Martins back to explain himself which he does, endlessly. We asked Edgar for his opinion of Martin’s “explanation” and he said, “what a hunk of horse turd. The guy was caught doctoring photos and now he wants to explain it away as committing art. It’s a good thing I’m now with guys like you who value that kind of thing ’cause this guy is toast in the real world of journalism.”

Well said and welcome aboard, Edgar.

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