Has Riverside waterfront really gone up this much?

15 Willomere Circle

15 Willomere Circle

This nice old (1888) house sits on over 1.6 acres and was beautifully renovated in 2000 – it’s come a long way since the Crossman boys were antiquing it in their own special way back in the 60s. It sold exactly two years ago for $12,000,000 and, nice as it is, I found that astonishing. It’s nice, but I didn’t think it was that nice. It’s back on today, with no improvements worth mentioning by the listing broker, for $14.5 million. Maybe – I stand ready to be surprised again.


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4 responses to “Has Riverside waterfront really gone up this much?

  1. duff

    This is waterfront I assume. If it’s the one I am thinking of, the owners moved from an OG waterfront next to the private Lucas point beach about two years ago.

  2. tom

    never understood the fascination with the neighborhood. silly pricing

  3. Wally

    This location (and house) can’t hold a candle to the Dawn Harbor house that just sold for $12.5M. This looks back in to CF’s beloved creek, not out to the Sound. So this is not a “bad” location, but exceptionally limited waterfront.

    • christopherfountain

      I agree with you completely, Wally, but there may be someone who prefers this one. My hunch is that it’s value has gone in the past two years, not up.