Long term expertise

Cleveland, Duble & Arnold, Greenwich’s oldest real estate company, celebrates its centenary. I’ve always been grateful to the firm: it’s provided gainful employment to my little brother Gideon for more than twenty years and Tom Gorin, its co-owner, years ago had the wisdom to refuse to hire me, thus freeing me to find my own path of obnoxiousness that could never have been tolerated by a fine firm like Cleveland.

Besides that, Tom Gorin is a walking memory bank of Greenwich history. If I have any question about some long-ago owner or some particular home, Tom’s on my speed dial because he’ll have the answer (of course, since he’s the only one who does have this knowledge, he could tell me anything and I’d believe him. He may be the Edgar Martins of local historians, for all I know).

All in all, a great group of people, an excellent firm and with its institutional memory, they’ve seen it all, from boom times in the 20s, the Depression, and all the assorted ups and down since then. Happy birthday.

UPDATE: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Tom’s other unsung talent, that of mad musician. Here he is below, taken when the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department band performed at Obama’s inauguration.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!


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  1. Anonymousse

    And their website is good – easy to navigate, and wow, they even give the price of the house, unlike some of their competitors. I’ve never bought a house using their firm but it’s nice to know they are appreciatied by their peers. That says more to me than what a buyer/seller might say. So is Tom 100 years old too?🙂

  2. Stanwich

    I called to inquire about a listing they had and I was so surprised to actually speak to nice, calm realtors who were happy to chat about anything real estate. Just a different experience than dealing with these God-aweful Prudential franchisees.

  3. Wally

    Wow, Tom does sound old!

  4. Anon

    Betty Moger was one of the all time greats of Greenwich real estate, and one of the pioneering women in business in her time. Unlike the air head Muffy’s that comprise most of the RE brokerage force today, Betty, like Tom Gorin, had an encyclopedic knowledge of houses and sale histories and was also a shrewd negotiator on behalf of her clients.

    I purchased several homes through Betty starting over 20 years ago. She generally did not show houses at that point, but she made an exception for me and we became great friends before and after the transactions.

    One Saturday I came to Betty’s office (I lived in Manhattan at the time) and picked out a couple of houses I liked from the MLS book. Soon we were in her Buick Roadmaster cruising north on Round Hill.

    As we drove down a long driveway towards a large house, I informed Betty that the listing sheet stated that 24 hours notice was required to show the property. Betty responded: “Just wait in the car, and I will signal for you to come in.” Betty rang the bell and was soon talking to a uniformed maid followed by what looked like a very annoyed 50 something lady of the house who was clearly not expecting an unannounced visitor at 10AM on a Saturday morning.

    I was feeling a bit embarrassed as Betty waived me in from the car, and then tried not to turn beet red as Betty introduced me as a CEO from the west coast that was only in Greenwich for the day and had find a house ASAP!

    I could tell many more Betty tales, but don’t have more time today.

  5. Cobra

    I agree wholeheartedly with Anon re: Betty Moger.

    While I never bought or sold any property through Cleveland, Duble, & Arnold, I grew up for many years just three houses away from the Mogers. Throughout my childhood and even into my teenage years, I spent many a day with Betty’s family, as son Bruce was about my age and we both loved boating and hanging out at the Point.

    Mrs. Moger (I never addressed her as Betty, of course) was firm but fair, and had a very keen sense of humor. She was about the only neighbor I couldn’t con or talk my way out of hot water in some way.

    I always enjoyed my time hanging out at their home, often joining them for dinner at their kitchen table and sailing with Dan Sr. and the rest of the family, first on vintage cat boat West Wind, then later on their beautiful Choy Lee.

    Great family, and a great person.

  6. '73Refugee

    Cheoy Lee.

  7. Anon

    Wow –
    Chris the minister of negativity is actually upbeat and nice about something ! You must of actually gotten a little something-sumthin for the first time in the 2000’s !
    Yahoo !