Antares hits the Greenwich Time – it won’t be pretty

Watch for Sunday’s Greenwich Time. Front page story on the rise and fall of the Antares boys. [UPDATE – Not online as of 6: AM Sunday – Hmmm – did BJ O’Rourke, Terror of the New Canaan Bar, get the story spiked? Fascinating times at the Time – we’ll have to dig around and see what’s up on this]

 Neil Vigoda (?) has spent weeks, even months on this one and somehow I don’t think it will be the puff pieces the boys generated when they were strutting around town telling whoppers about their genius. Turns out, that remedial year at Choate didn’t do them much good after all.

UPDATE: And while you’re waiting for that story, GT has already posted the latest investigative reporting by its top intern, Susie Plate Lip :

Scene … Greenwich resident Judge Judy Sheindlin was seen dressed elegantly in her summer whites on Wednesday morning outside of the CVS on Greenwich Avenue.

Can this girl write, or what?

Scusie gets ready for her CVS stakeout

Scusie gets ready for her CVS stakeout


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6 responses to “Antares hits the Greenwich Time – it won’t be pretty

  1. anonymous

    CF, you’re again assaulting the retinas of your readers with nasty pics like that

  2. Mouse

    C’mon CF. Lay offa da Susie.

    She’s fun to read (and there’s so little left in Greenwich Time you can say that about) even if she makes stuff up…and the only reason I said that is because you did.

  3. Mouse

    This sounds juicy: maybe Greenwich Time isn’t so bad after all.

    I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  4. Wally

    Wow – this pic is almost as bad as the earlier one of the skeletal beach “babe” with the scary boob job. Almost.

    And Susie is definitely deserving of whatever satire you “dish” out in her direction.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Cheer up . . . one of your buddies still made the front page.

  6. Cobra

    The exceedingly inane “Susie’s Dish” column is one of the many reasons why we eventually cancelled our subscription to the Greenwich (Not Worth The) Time after decades of readership.

    We suspect she receives payoffs from the restaurants/stores/vendors, etc. at which her faux celebrities are allegedly seen–Valbella’s must have a contract with her to report the names of semi-known lizards choking down dinner there.

    As with the rest of that rag, and their lame website, a scam.