In America man is born free yet everwhere yearns to be in chains

With apologies to Rousseau, what is one to think about this letter writer to The New York Times. Google reveals him to be (but of course) a college professor, possessor of advanced degrees, the author of several books  and owner of a house that Zillow says is worth $740,000, yet the man is so terrified of having to provide medical care for himself that he would willingly turn over the care of his life and decisions on that care to a bureaucrat, hoping only that that government official will be “devoted and well trained”. Professor Washburn has either never visited a motor vehicle department (in fact, he probably rides an adult tricycle or a Segue, with helmet on), or has really drunk that California Kool-Ade. Either way, if the educated class is so pathetically fearful and eager to relinquish personal responsibility for their own lives, it seems likely that the disadvantaged are even more so. How very sad.

Why We Must Ration Health Care (July 19, 2009)

Monterey, Calif.

Peter Singer is right when he says that we must ration health care. If we are going to develop an equitable and effective national health care system in the United States, then we must face the fact that, while modern medicine can do amazing things, its price is sometimes so large that it should not be paid. Bureaucrats have got to be involved, and here’s hoping that they are devoted and well trained. If President Obama wants to do the nation a service, he should emphasize these ultimate necessities, rather than advising governors to avoid using the “ration” word.

Alan Washburn, loser

Alan Washburn, loser


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8 responses to “In America man is born free yet everwhere yearns to be in chains

  1. anonymous

    Nothing much worse than an opinionated dumb geek commie….guys who may have attended some lib arts college (couldn’t get into a real college/major) but have a lackluster academic or professional career and never earned any serious money nor earned any academic respect from the few truly smart professors out there

    At least Gulfstream commies just talk up various moronic commie ideas to assuage their wealth guilt and appear to be nice guys, but choose to fly private via G550, own their own houses (no public housing for them), likely have a private chef and extensive household/security staff, and find ways to minimize their taxes via various sophisticated legal (and some grayzone) methods (let the mere <$10MM/yr IBers, doctors and lawyers pay the taxes; real titans have far more efficient tax structures)

    • christopherfountain

      No you have jumped to conclusions (as I do, all too often). Google shows him to be a highly trained scientist, teaches Marines at the War College out there and all in all sounds like a bright, interesting guy. But that’s what’s so discouraging. You’d expect this wussyness from a Ward Churchill, but if we’ve lost people like Professor Washburn, the country’s experiment in freedom is ending.

  2. Stump

    Yes, it’s discouraging how the leftist virus in academia reaches places you wouldn’t expect. In this case it’s the War College; at other times it’s at colleges in conservative, rural areas.

  3. ogrcc

    GOP and for profit medicine have lost a lot of people.

    seriously, are you guys health insurance company shareholders. that would explain a lot

    • christopherfountain

      You are alive because of “for profit” medicine. But the point is a larger one. Socialized medicine won’t help you see what you refuse to see, alas or if it does, it will be too late,

  4. ogrcc

    that’s quite an assumption there CF. care to connect the dots for me. as you can tell by my stance on the issues, i am obtuse.

    the rich are going to get soaked no matter what as you have pointed out. might as well try to fix HC now and get it over with.

    are you for the status quo??

  5. ogrcc

    the ‘you are alive’ part is what has me perplexed. care to explain that one?

    I already understand that, of course, HC will be rationed, and elderly will be left to die. this has me very afraid

  6. Paco

    ” while modern medicine can do amazing things, its price is sometimes so large that it should not be paid.”

    The same thing can be said about “modern” “education”. The inflation rate for all levels of “education” exceeds virtually everything else except so-called health care. Yet we don’t hear anything about clamping down on these clowns.

    The civilian staff within the armed forces, CIA, Pentagon, et al have long ago been inflitrated to the the point of domination by left wingers. It’s consistent with the notion that any organization that is not avowedly conservative will move steadily leftward.

    And remember, the compensation and benefit system in the armed forces is heavily tilted toward the socialist model; e.g., married troops and troops with dependents at all levels get more benefits than those who are unmarried or have no dependents because they ones with families “need more” (i.e., from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs). (Commenting as a former GI who vividly recalls this depressing situation where unmarried guys constantly took up the slack for the married ones. Can’t imagine how bad it is nowadays with so many single parents, et al.)