This could be a fun way to spend a day of your August vacation

Operation Embarrass Your Congressman. The idea is to get hold of your Congressman’s public appearance schedule (I’ll do that for Jim Himes shortly), grab some like-minded colleagues and (civilly) ask the fellow embarrassing questions like, how much of the Health Care bill have you actually read? If “the $1 billion allotted for your Cash for Clunkers program was expected to last through November and instead was exhausted in one week, how confident are you about the cost estimates for your health care plan?’. Etc. Lots of suggested questions at the link but surely you’ll be easily able to come up with your own. As the Professor reminds us, dissent is patriotic!

UPDATE: For some reason, the “find out when Jim will be in your neighborhood” feature on his web pages doesn’t work. in fact, it doesn’t exist, but he promises it will be “coming soon”. So I’ve subscribed for his emailed newsletter and if he’s any more forthcoming there on where he’ll be this month, I’ll post it.


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2 responses to “This could be a fun way to spend a day of your August vacation

  1. Anonymous

    CF, whaddaya’ think?
    Does Comrade Himes have the courage to “meet the constituents” face-to-face in a truly open forum, or will he hide and have his “public meetings” at:
    a) the local ACORN office,
    b) a “small, intimate gathering” for only the most loyal and devoted of the apparatchiks?