Bad news for the Noels of Greenwich and Mustique

Does Aida's still sell penny candy?

Does Aida's still sell penny candy?

Irving Picard, trustee of the Bernie Madoff estate, has persuaded a judge to put Ruth on a strict allowance and she must now report all expenditures over $100. By funny coincidence, Picard is suing Walter Noel on the same legal theory of unjust enrichment and imagine the disruption to the Noel family if the same limits are imposed on them. How will Walter pay his greens fees? (I think Greenwich’s municipal course falls under the spending threshold, but can Walter even find the place?). How utterly degrading to have to ask that horrible man Irving for permission to jet off to Mustique. Or the Hamptons, for heaven’s sake – no helicopter flight across the Sound can possibly be had for such a paltry sum.

Of course none of this has happened to the Noels, yet. But if she were wise, Monica might want to stock up on must-haves now, while her credit card still works and Picard is busy ruining what’s left of Ruth Madoff’s life. Pre pay the Round Hill dues, for instance, book flights for the Thanksgiving holidays to your villa and, just in case, get that Viagra prescription filled for Walt – I can just imagine the glee with which Picard would turn that down. How the mighty have fallen, so to speak.



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6 responses to “Bad news for the Noels of Greenwich and Mustique

  1. Doesn’t Walt have medical insurance to cover the rx? If not, surely ObamaCare will pay for it.

  2. anonymous

    Gotta be a union member to get the Viagra or sex change surgery or infertility tx

    UAW and other unions working hard to keep America’s middle class overpaid, obese, sexually active and recession-proof

  3. Branchwater

    Noel is a classic, one of a kind. Guys like Walter Noel helped make drinks like Tennessee whiskey and branchwater popular in the 60’s. I hope his kind stick around.. You’ll be sorry when you don’t have Noel to kick around anymore. He is a genuine one of a kind first class guy who did his job like anyone else and has come out on top. You can’t take that away from him.

  4. Moneyca

    Is it wrong of Monica to love her money and keep it under her pillow safe and sound?