Dawn on Ole’s Creek

So stop complaining!


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14 responses to “Dawn on Ole’s Creek

  1. Anonymous

    Wow!…Looks like a painting….Hudson River School?…..(Just lose the houses)…

  2. ogrcc


    one thing you are not is a photographer.

    there is not enough lighting in this pic

    maybe use a more sensitive camera or wait until at least 10am. Ole’s creek will still look nice then

    • christopherfountain

      It’s dawn, dummy! You don’t quit kvetching, I’ll replace it with “Midnight on Ole’s Creek”. That’ll learn ya.

  3. Sarah

    Has this been high in demand?

  4. '73Refugee

    Is the sun finally setting on Greenwich?

  5. Random

    Speaking of pictures, has anyone ever pointed out to you that your profile black&white picture that you use when posting comments is a bit unflattering? You have an uncanny resemblance to a black lab. Perhaps its the lighting.

  6. Stanwich

    Me likey

  7. Anonymous

    we live in Riverside and love it.

    that said, i miss the orange barn.

  8. Jane

    I think it is lovely.

  9. ogrcc

    it’s dawn, so use a real camera with a high light sensitivity or wait.

  10. ogrcc

    I know an amatuerish photog that would shoot your beloved creek for a small fee

  11. Old School Grump

    I like it, but would like it better if you could Photoshop out those two garage doors!