Riverside secret bargains?

Sounds hokey and way too smarmy for this blog and I’m mildly embarrassed to do this but heck, I’ve got readers and I have two houses to sell in Riverside, neither one listed, that I think are good deals. So I’ll do it. Send stones through my windows, if you wish. One is $3.7, great location great land, views, and (big) newish (2005) house, the other’s $1.5, needs work, great location, workable house for someone content with (gasp) 8 foot ceilings. If interested, you know what to do. I prromise not to flog these again.


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7 responses to “Riverside secret bargains?

  1. Riverside Roger

    That’s all we need…more pocket listings!! Talk about shadow inventory.
    No criticisms from me, CF.

    I still don’t understand people wanting to sell and not listing on the MLS.

    Although I suppose that if you know you’re overpriced you don’t want the embarrassment of having it on the MLS forever.

    Better to have it a ‘private’ listing that all brokers
    (and their clients) know about anyway, because they have email etc. yada yada yada.

    Who’s fooling who, here?

    Best of luck…that one for $3.7 sounds nice. One question..what’s it’s assessment??? You’re normally very forthcoming with that number….:))))

  2. xyzzy

    how many bedrooms does the larger house have?

  3. Anonymous

    Fascinating, actually…with all your blogging, when do you have time for buyers and new istings…MLS or otherwise?

  4. anon 2

    I don’t understand the logic of a private listing unless it’s a short sale. How many homes are out there as private sales right now — is it something like 5 or more like 50? Do all the local firms know of the private listings, or is it a little clique of only certain agents?

    • christopherfountain

      Anon, I have always preached the value of putting a house on the MLS – full exposure to the marketplace is the only way to know that you’re getting the best price. That said, the two that came my way are exceptions. One is indeed a short sale and neither party wants it on the MLS. The other was on the MLS for a couple of years at a much higher price, the sellers intend to do it again but are tired right now and, while they’re willing to sell, don’t want the whole world back traipsing through their house again for at least this month.
      How many pocket sales are there around town? Who knows,because, by definition, they aren’t publicized. I wouldn’t think there are many because any agent doing his or her job will try very hard to place the house on the MLS. But judging from the few “for reporting purposes only” sales we see posted, I doubt we see more than 5 – 10 a year. And that’s because the MLS works so well.