Would you rather?

One of my kids’ favorite books was called “Would you Rather?” and offered choices between, say, an ice cream sundae and a bowl of slug stew. Great fun, and I was reminded of it today when I saw a price cut reported for a house at 36 Dandy Drive. It looks like a lovely house and it was first priced at $1.595 a year ago, and dropped to $1.4 million today. Here’s the problem, as I see it: it was renovated ten years ago in 1997, has 4,268 sq.ft. on 0.43 of an acre, and is assessed at $887,000. Number 7 Dandy Drive, on the other hand, recently sold for $1.850. It was new, built in 2008, had 5,720 sq. ft. on 0.28 of an acre and, while the assessed value isn’t readily available, is probably valued a lot more than 36 Dandy. Clearly, someone who is stretched as far as they can go at $1.4 million can’t buy a house for $450,000 more, but I think the existence of the 7 sale will hold down the value of 36. Or not – the seller obviously doesn’t think so, and more power to her.

Would you rather buy this?

Would you rather buy this?




Or this?

Or this?


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5 responses to “Would you rather?

  1. Accolay

    Would you rather live in Greenwich proper or Cos Cob? I think we all know the answer to this one.

    • christopherfountain

      Well Accolay, a recent survey revealed that, given the choice, 8 out of 10 buyers chose slug stew over Cos Cob, but those two were quite passionate about their neighborhood.

  2. Sarah

    I LOVED that book!

  3. 10 wt.

    price it like you were trolling for a developer………