Wrong way Taconic driver drunk, high

The lady who killed her kids, relatives and passengers in the car she hit while driving on the wrong side of the Taconic was dunk (0.19 BAC) and stoned.  I don’t suppose it would have made any difference, but I was hoping that she had suffered a stroke or was otherwise impaired from a more innocent cause. Damn her.


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20 responses to “Wrong way Taconic driver drunk, high

  1. Jack Martin

    This makes me both sad and angry.

  2. ogrcc

    yeah enough of this bullshit about “oh what a great mother she was”

    cult of motherhood in america is whacked.

    hey in TX they just drown them, less cleanup.

    i really feel bad for the three men from yonkers and the first responders.

  3. J

    At least the County of Westchester must be content since they will not be sued for this woman driving on the wrong side of the road

  4. anonymous

    Substance abuse issues in ~35yo people don’t occur suddenly and are unlikely to be unknown to spouses and others, but many with similar abuse issues seem to marry and reproduce (and cover up for fellow losers)

    Darwinian selection is necessary and efficient for society, but rather unfortunate when it involves innocent victims like this situation

  5. Red

    (At least she wasn’t texting.)

    I would not be surprised if should emerge that she has prior DUI’s/substance abuse issues, and that her family was aware of her problems. Terrible tragedy for the kids and the passengers of the other car.

    • christopherfountain

      Red, I can pretty much guarantee that a lady with an 0.19 BAC (they say that was 10 drinks) plus six ounces of alcohol still in her stomach plus a still-full 1.75 liter of vodka in the car with her (don’t want to run out, do we?) plus dope in her system had a serious substance abuse problem. And I’m almost as sure you’re right that we’re about to find out she had a history of this – for sure she wasn’t struck drunk for the first time that fateful day.

  6. JD

    Very sensitive reply, ogrcc. Glad to see that you don’t feel bad for the four children who got into the car. Sheesh.

  7. anony

    Not to mention the husband or the parents of the 3 nieces. Ogrcc, you have issues.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh come on, if I knew my Latin (I’ll bet Hiram does), I’d point out that to mention some does not exclude the others.

  8. Macy

    Christopher….the bottle was broken…..no way to know how much was left. Sounds like she had downed most of it and was drinking while driving and smoking weed, too. What a mess. She couldn’t have been that great a mom apparently

  9. Chris87654

    Thing is, it’s likely this woman was experienced at this, and 0.19 is NOT sloshy, “can’t see” pass-out-at-the-wheel drunk. This is proven by her driving almost 2 miles on the Taconic – she’d never had made it that far if not somewhat in control – and the older girls in the car were likely screaming for her to stop. This was intentional. This woman was a loser. Very sad that she took out innocent kids and the three men in the SUV.

  10. Jack Martin

    Chris87654 you are right sloshy comes sooner, .19 is sloppy drunk followed shortly by blackout drunk.

    0.13-0.15 BAC: Gross motor impairment and lack of physical control. Blurred vision and major loss of balance. Euphoria is reduced and dysphoria (anxiety, restlessness) is beginning to appear. Judgment and perception are severely impaired.

    0.16-0.19 BAC: Dysphoria predominates, nausea may appear. The drinker has the appearance of a “sloppy drunk.”

    0.20 BAC: Felling dazed, confused or otherwise disoriented. May need help to stand or walk. If you injure yourself you may not feel the pain. Blackouts are likely at this level so you may not remember what has happened.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    It is truly awful. And speaking of even more awful – the forthcoming family fallout. Imagine your sister in law wiping out all your children in one horrible high from hell.

  12. ogrcc

    Yes, perhaps a bit insensitive.

    Of course the children are unfortunate victims.
    Who were the last adults to see the driver leave the camp ??

    This is far from over.

  13. James

    C’mon folks…don’t pile on ogrcc for calling out the perp for the waste-of-life she is (was). Of course the kids (and the gentlemen in the other vehicle) were unfortunately…no…RIDICULOUSLY RIPPED from existence by a stupid choice made by this woman. You’re inhuman if you don’t feel for them and the loved ones who have to live with this…point is — what was painted by default as a tragedy is actually a crime. What a shame…what a shame.

  14. anon 2

    Apparently other people saw her earlier driving erratically. That’s why if you ever see someone driving and appearing impaired that you should call 911 and even tail them from a safe distance to direct the cops to where they are. Maybe this tragedy could have been averted if someone had done that before she got onto the Taconic. The thought of the poor kids being terrified for an extended period of time through the ordeal is horrible.

  15. Kham

    When my husband goes out w/ his buddies, I drop him off at the metro and tell him I’ll see him in the morning when I pick him up…. even if does not “intend” to drink. The husband allowed his alcoholic wife to drive. Absolutely preventable effing horrible tragedy.

    • christopherfountain

      Acknowledging that I know absolutely nothing about this family’s life, it still strikes me as unlikely that the husband could be unaware of his wife’s drinking problem. I don’t see how a one-time-drinker would have a huge bottle of vodka and a bag of dope in her car just this once, eh? And if he did know she was an alcoholic, how could he entrust their children and nieces to her, let alone set her free to wreak havoc on the highway? This story doesn’t get better, for anyone.

  16. john

    I bet her husband was at mcdonalds with her, they both apeard to be drunk and were arguing. let the truth come out he let her drive home with those kids