Reason Number 21 to use Futterker & Fontanski Discount Real Estate

You got full replacement coverage, right?

You got full replacement coverage, right?

We’ll burn your house down for you! Hey – no buyers but a good insurance policy? No problem for a full service Realtor.


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6 responses to “Reason Number 21 to use Futterker & Fontanski Discount Real Estate

  1. Paco

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

    “Every year at this time, The Harris Poll asks whether an occupation can be considered to have very great prestige or hardly any prestige at all. This year there are some changes as well as some stability in what occupations are considered ‘prestigious’. The survey was conducted between July 8 and 13, 2008, among 1,010 U.S. adults.

    Least Prestigious Occupations – only 15% or fewer adults regard the following occupations as having very great prestige:

    •Real estate agent/broker (5%),
    •Accountant (11%),
    •Stock broker (13%),
    •Actor (15%).

    Substantial majorities of adults (from 65% to 80%) believe that these occupations have “hardly any” or only “some” prestige.

    The occupations at the top of the prestige list:

    •Firefighter (62% say “very great prestige”),
    •Scientist (57%),
    •Doctor (56%),
    •Nurse (54%),
    •Teacher (51%), and
    •Military officer (51%).

    Click to access Harris_Poll_2009_08_04.pdf

    • christopherfountain

      I guess that’s bad news Paco for those who set their worth on what others think of them. I can live with the shame, somehow.

  2. hellfire

    this is what mrs noel will do to your office mr fountain if you keep up all your negatives about the wonderful 7 noel’s and their great husbands.

  3. anonymous

    Paco, consider Stats 101; who the hell ever responds to any of these silly “surveys”? And who’s dumb enough to quote the stupid conclusions of these surveys? GIGO and sampling bias at its best

  4. Stanwich

    Paco, you are not telling Chris anything new. I try and point this out to him as often as I can.