Seven minutes about Andres Piedrahita

That’s more than enough but the whiney baby, who owns 22% of Fairfield Greenwich Group and took at least that much of the profits to enjoy a luxurious life style, seems determined to tell the entire world what a sorry failure of a businessman he is and how he is a Madoff victim too. The people shown here aren’t buying it, for some reason.


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4 responses to “Seven minutes about Andres Piedrahita

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Where did you find this drivel? And Donny Douche? Come on. That is the best you got. Google him.
    But that Vickie Ward. What a hottie!!! The low cut blouse, a nice rack, and what a head of hair on that little filly. Do you have her contact data?
    Anyway, I already told you about the lead time on the yacht. You just don’t listen. And she said Andres was a salesman. A SALESMAN.
    I keep telling you that. He doesn’t build, it, he SELLS it. JUST LIKE YOU DO, YOU WEASEL.
    Anyway, what happened to the red barn masthead? I liked that photo. But the new picture probably suits you better. Dim view and not clear.
    Your Pal,

  2. Inagua

    So Walt and the boys are trying to settle, and Andres understands that his boat will be part of the settlement. Let’s hope Mustique and Agawam quickly join the Noel Family Potlatch. In a just world Walt would be left with Round Hill Road, his bank pension, his social security, and nothing else.

  3. Tilly

    Hell in a just world Walt and the son-in-laws would be left all living with the one son-in-law that was not in the business.

    They could have one of those European multi generational households and Monica could help nanny to all those children….

    God knows she is going to need some sort of income for her “shrimp money”…