White House enemies list

I know that my liberal friends can’t seem to stretch their minds around believing that anything the Messiah does is wrong, but I hope they’ll try this thought experiment: suppose that, in the days leading up to the Senate vote on the invasion of Iraq, Cheney had sent out an email to all American citizens asking them to watch for and report any discussions that spread disinformation about the Administration’s plans. Would you find that creepy? Even the New York Times seems to think that Obama is going too far here with his own effort in that regard to ObamaCare.


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7 responses to “White House enemies list

  1. ogrcc

    in fairness, there is a lot of disinformation out there. and i am pretty sure if you ask anyone, there was a lot of disinformation regarding the iraq invasion.

  2. coronel habib

    obama has taken a page from the fidel castro playbook

  3. Anonymous

    this is just going too far.
    there is going to be a fight.
    i just hope that our tired, abused political system can contain it.

    what happened to the constitutional republic?

  4. cos cobber

    It might be good fun to enhance the obama campaign by posting those joker posters where ever he goes on MV. Perhaps trail him by a couple hrs or even a day.

  5. Tilly

    Now Cos Cobber the WAPO says those are racist!

    I am good mind to e-mail that info@whitehousesnichonthedesinters.com and sign myself up because this loon has lost all grip on reality…

  6. pulled up in OG

    ogrcc – There was no “disinformation regarding the iraq invasion” – just some good old Wall St. leverage.

    A modest 33x gets that $60B estimate up to $2T no problem.

  7. Jrcg

    I can vaguely remember another “leader” that had the press on his side, banned dissent, asked neighbor to report neighbor and created the brown shirts. Hum, who could that have been. In any case it did not end well.