Finally, staging I’d be good at

634 North Street?

634 North Street?

I’ve never thought much of staging houses – in fact, I think it’s a complete waste of money – but here’s a new trend, from California, naturally, that’s bound to work and would be fun to do: trashing a house to convey what a cheap deal it is. Toss some used mattresses in the front yard, a couple of broken bicycles and a rotted-out RV and presto! Instant Cos Cob! And where is real estate cheaper than there, eh?

Seriously, apparently the idea is to suggest tha were you to clear away the clutter you’d have yourself a real deal – and you’re smarter than all those folks who can’t see that, right? Might work. Then again, people might just mistake the place for my house, and I’m not selling. Worth a try, though.


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2 responses to “Finally, staging I’d be good at

  1. Anonymous

    I visited a house recently whose reluctant seller had obviously paid the garbage trucks to dump INSIDE the house. (Didn’t put me off too much) You two might be a perfect match, if it’s true what you say.

    When Sarah goes back to college though, I would suggest doing a clear out and setting your sights on Hoops instead. Anything is achievable.

  2. Old School Grump

    Well, I am delighted to think that on this fortieth anniversary of Woodstock I can pitch my bong, fondue pot, day-glo posters, clogs and India-print bedspread out onto the curb, and thereby declare my house an enchanting, eccentric diamond in the rough. Do I sniff a bidding war?