Foreclosures via Google maps

Krazy Kat sent me a nifty tip that I was unaware of: Google maps offers free details of foreclosures. I’m just beginning to play with it but, for instance, here’s a bank-owned property at 50 Havemeyer Lane for $532,000 that I was unaware of. It’s not listed on the GMLs that I know of and I suspect there are many more like it. I’m off to prowl. In the meantime, if you want to play Google for yourself, go to, click “maps”, select “real estate” as a search option, then type in a specific address or anything broader, such as “Greenwich” or Old Greenwich, CT” and see what you get.


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9 responses to “Foreclosures via Google maps

  1. Anonymous


    You are right. This is a great toy.

    Thanks, CF.

  2. Shoeless

    According to calculated risk, the data is spotty at best. I do find it funny that 54 Havemeyer is now offered at $1.295, while its neighbor is a 500k REO. There goes the neighborhood!

  3. Shoeless

    In other news, Fannie Mae posted a $14bln loss for the quarter and needs another $10bln from Treasury. To top it off, their NPL’s increased by 50% in the first 6 months of ’09 to $180bln.

    Is it any wonder that Lockhardt resigned as chairman two days ago. The house of cards is coming down faster than most could ever imagine.

  4. HG

    “In a complicated series of transactions, Fortress… paid less than $100 million for the remaining unsold units in the condo conversion project in Midtown, called Sheffield57…whose total cost – including the original equity contribution by Mr. Swig’s partnership — came to about $700 million.”

    Someone with a good arm could throw a baseball from Sheffield57 to 15 Central Park West.

  5. anonymous

    Looks like foreclosure proceedings for 228 Stanwich Road

  6. Anonymous

    CF, Just checked out your “New Millionaire’s Handboof” on Amazon, and they say that customers who bought it also bought “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir” by Clarence Thomas.

    I’ve seen some odd pairings on Amazon before, but this one made me laugh out loud.

  7. '73Refugee

    I recommend “My Grandfather’s Son”, a very interesting read, so if you have any sort of inclination to look at it, here’s one man’s opinion.

  8. Has anyoe found any other singular sources of foreclosure? I think the numbers in Darien are accelerating but Im looking for a way to confirm it.Fairfield County Business Journal shows 5 for the month of July but I dont want to come to any incorrect conclusions (on my blog) unless I can verify?