Is Glenville pointless?

That’s the description used by Old School Grump, who used to live there. Interesting question; what, after all, is the reason to live there? It’s far from town, even farther from Tods Point, and kids can’t even ride their bikes to Byram Beach. When the felt factory was doing its thing then the location made sense for factory workers but now that the factory’s an Italian joint, what’s left? Just asking …


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34 responses to “Is Glenville pointless?

  1. Cotswood

    Vinny’s is there, which is easily the best pizza in town. If you think Pizza Post is better, that is only because you live in Cos Cob and don’t have a car to get to Glenville. Plus, no Sicilian at the Post, while Vinny makes the best anywhere. even better than Spumoni’s in Brooklyn. Plus, Glenville wouldn’t be that far away if every schmuck driving down Glenville Rd. didn’t drive exactly 21 mph…

  2. Helsa Poppin

    Well if you’re going to go that far for pizza you might as well go to New Haven.

  3. Cos Cobber

    Vinny’s pizza is fine, but in my humble opinion nothing special though. I’ve had all their slices, the salad, the sicilian, regular, etc. I’m not going to say anything in Cos Cob is better either. Arcuri’s, Pizza Post and Vinny all have their merits.

    I wish Vinny would keep a cleaner establishment. The tables are from 1982.

    And, btw the pizza guys at Vinny’s insist that Delgado (NY Mets) eats their regularly. They also say the David Wright has been in a few times. He must be up playing cards at the Wilpons while getting his Ferrari serviced.

  4. ogrcc

    River Bicycles is in Glenville.

    Best bike shop in town if you ask me.

    The Pizza argument never gets old. I prefer Pizza Post above all.

  5. Front Row Phil

    Just knowing that any Met eats at Vinny’s is enough for me to never go. I agree with Helsa. If you’re gonna drive anywhere for pizza, make it Pepe’s in New Haven. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to drunk without alcohol.

  6. Gone

    When they tore down that old farm house on the pond on Glenville Rd to build another McMansion killed Greenwich for the hundreth time. The town has transformed for the worst and most bloggers here in Greenwich stay since they have nostalgia, not common sense. Hopefully prices will reflect the DOWNTURN in the QUALITY OF THE TOWN of Greenwich, not the downturn in economy only.

  7. glenville

    Community and people are what it is all about with great neighborhoods and neighbors to fill them.
    Its less then 10 minutes from town hall, the library and Gr. Ave so “far from town” depends on how impatient and spoiled you are. With banks, a grocery, pharmacy and a hardware store, people can take care of basic shopping without battling in-town traffic.
    Its quiet, safe and has a beautiful river and plenty of trees yet the Merrit, 684 and 95 are less then 10 minutes away.

    Not everyone wants to live near a beach and for the most part, you get more house for your money here which is a value many young families want.

    Vinny’s, Centro’s, Rebecca’s plus all the ethnic restaurants in Port Chester and the movie theater are a short drive away. Glenville residents have no problem venturing over the state line for some of the best dining in the area. We also have Rye Brook next door with some nice shopping options.

    Its a good place to be!

  8. Anonymous

    I’m new to the area and all I hear is how far Glenville is from town. It takes me 6 min by car to get to the center of town. I’m not sure if that is considered far for people who live in the suburbs, but in manhattan, that’s nothing. Everyone makes it sound like you’re half hour away…

  9. Anonymous

    I won’t go to Vinny’s. The same guy who prepared the food, took the money, No hand washing witnessed.
    That’s what I saw,. Disgusting.

  10. Wally

    Anyone else remember when Vinny’s was in Riverside? The tables were really clean then…

    • christopherfountain

      Is that where Vinny’s went? I always thought he moved over to Apache Place. So when he was in Riverside, was he always where that consignment shop is now? I have a dim memory of him being across the street where Benny Sez was but, come to think of it, maybe it was Benny who moved.

  11. Wally

    Also, let’s not forget that Lucy and Desi were married in Glenville.

  12. hem22

    There’s a Pepe’s in Fairfield, too….still the best, but closer.

  13. Wally

    He was where the consignment shop is, and that was across from Benny Sez (that became the wine and liquor store that burned a few months ago.) Also around that time Buzzy’s was at the corner of Lockwood Lane and the Post Rd.

  14. Pete

    I remember Vinny’s where the consignment shop is, on the south side of East Putnam. I don’t know what was on the north side of East Putnam before Benny Sez.

    • christopherfountain

      Pete – remember the red barn on the (south) corner of Lockwood Lane and the Post Road where Putnam Trust is (was)? It was a bicycle shop – might have been Poltracks before it moved to Stamford, but maybe not. I, too, can’t remember what was where Bennie Sez is now.
      OOPS! Just read Wally’s post saying it was Buzzy’s in the barn. Sounds right to me.

  15. '73Refugee

    One needs to drive through Glenville to get to Armonk.

  16. Wally

    Here’s another one: do you remember the haunted house on the hill across from the New Englander/Hojos? (the office building where GEMs is now).

  17. Greenwich Gal

    There is really no great pizza in town, sadly. There is Pizza Factory – which in my opinion is as good as it gets here – ok – but not awesome.

    • christopherfountain

      I always liked Pizza Factory too, GG. There’s that place in Stamford with “hot oil pepper” or some such (near McGee Ave) good pizza, highly praised, but so popular that the phone line’s always busy so you have to go in person and waith half an hour. Very good indeed, but not worth both the drive and the wait.

  18. gcds alum

    River Bikes is the place to be! It is the most dysfunctional place in town, but Big bike Ken always takes care of things. It is hard to find an old school shop keeper like him these days. Also, Vinny’s Pizza sucks – it is super greasy and he drives a Camero (well he did in 1989 or something). His crust is no good, and is NOTHING compared to Pizza Posts Crust. Long live Glenville, the westerly “wrong side” of the tracks in Greenwich. One other benefit – you can use the Port Chester Train station to get to NYC – which has easier parking and the fare is a few bucks less than Greenwich, Cos Cob and OG. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  19. 2112

    CF, that would be Colony Pizza. Best to eat it there…it doesn’t travel well. But think you can actually get a Schafer beer at the bar.

  20. Old School Grump

    This discussion is fun … there seem to be a lot of new voices chiming in.

    In our Glenville days, we were big fans of Glenville Pizza (aka Vinny’s), although I have to agree that it’s not for the squeamish. The big hill next to the Western Civic Center was great for sledding, and the little playground there was wonderful to have nearby too. Glenville Hardware was a useful and convenient hardware store (glad to hear it’s still there); I liked that funky little video rental store (I hope it’s still there), and I know the bike shop has a terrific reputation.

    Is the Grand Union supermarket still there? Whoa, that place was strange! Their produce and meats seemed to come from the same suppliers who serviced the Eastern bloc in the Soviet days, and half the people who worked and shopped there looked like something out of a Diane Arbus photo.

    Like “glenville at 12:01,” we did a lot of shopping in Rye Brook, and enjoyed the proximity to Port Chester for the restaurants and the easy access to the big box stores. (No point in being a complete snob, CF; it’s really tedious, plus you miss a lot of fun.)

    Unlike glenville at 12:01, however, we had NO experience of community and neighborhood. What we experienced instead was isolation–without the redeeming feature of beautiful countryside that you can savor and your kids can roam. The minimum 1-acre zoning of our part of Glenville ensured that we’d never encounter our neighbors in any sort of normal see-your-neighbor setting, like gardening or fetching your mail. The two main arteries — Glenville Road and Weaver Street — may, on occasion, look like bucolic “country roads,” but we all know they are no such thing, plus neither of them even have complete shoulders, let alone bike paths or sidewalks. It’s treacherous for an adult bike rider or jogger, forget about a child.

    Ironically, my experience of “neighborhood” involved … someone else’s neighborhood! I’d stop in at the Pemberwick Exchange or the Stateline Deli for a sandwich or a cup of coffee or a newspaper, and be envious of the familiarity among the proprietors and the regular customers.

    When I described Glenville as “pointless” I didn’t mean to offend anyone, and apologize if I did offend anyone. What I meant to convey is that it offers neither the “walk-ability” of some parts of town, nor the genuine “beachside” or “countryside” or “neighborhood” quality of other parts of town. I agree with glenville at 12:01 that you get good scale of house and yard for your money. But if you’re home with small children and feeling out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere — even though you actually aren’t! — you’ll know what I mean.

    • christopherfountain

      “This discussion is fun … there seem to be a lot of new voices chiming in.” Nothing like stirring the pot, Old School. Besides, as you obviously know, it’s fun.

  21. Old School Grump

    Per “gcds alum at 2:57: “…”One other benefit ā€“ you can use the Port Chester Train station to get to NYC ā€“ which has easier parking and the fare is a few bucks less than Greenwich, Cos Cob and OG.”

    … I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or sincere, but, regardless, you are correct. If you’re early enough in the morning (I took the 6:32 a.m from Port Chester), you have easy, close-by parking at cheap rates, the cheap rates being the least-important part. Ironically, car thefts at Port Chester were (are?) far less likely than at the Greenwich station. Think about it … steal a car from the Greenwich station, and you are maybe 1/20th of a mile from the I-95 southbound entrance ramp, which is maybe 1/10th of a mile from the state line with NY. Cross that, and the thieves are completely out of range of CT law enforcement. Steal a car near the Port Chester station, and the get-away biz is far more complicated.

    I have to assume that Dennis-the-blind-guy is no longer running the concession at the Port Chester station, but I have fond memories.

  22. '73Refugee

    Chris, back in ’71 (& ’73), what did Port Chester, Banksville and Armonk have in common?

    • christopherfountain

      Let’s see: Vaughsens (Port Chester), the Hilltop, (Purchase) the Bum Steer and Bacteria Bills, (Banksville)no? In short, an 18-year old drinking age.

  23. '73Refugee

    Ding ding ding!

    Adult beverages for the under-aged with the means to travel.

    Unfortunately, that required a return trip. Which accounted for the ticket I got for going the wrong way around the Glenville rotary. It could have been much worse…

  24. Wally

    Is Dennis the blind guy, (maybe) formerly of Port Chester, the same blind guy that runs the concession now at Old Greenwich?

  25. heehaw

    here’s the real question: can we sell glenville to westchester county to pay for the YMCA, the Board of Ed, and the other various and sundry (and ridiculous) capital improvements town of Greenwich would like to make to itself? Wait, now that i think of it, do hedge fund analysts really belong to the Y, or use public schools anyway?

  26. Deb

    I love Glenville! I grew up in downtown Greenwich, and moved to the boonies of Glenville 17 years ago. It’s quiet and the people here are friendly (by Greenwich standards). Yes, it’s a hike to the beach, but I only go there in the Winter. If you go in the summer, you have to put up with all those screaming kids that pee in the water. In the winter, you just have the cute doggies. Re: pizza…Colony. You can order it half baked, not sliced, and finish cooking it at home (turn the oven on to 500, with a pizza stone, when you leave the house, and the oven will be ready when you get back). Luv your blog, Chris.

  27. Pierre Berge, Nom de Plume

    What will happen to Glenville village when the super-CVS with 24-hr drive-thru opens at the Hole?