Salvation comes in all shades of polyester

A young Sam Romeo on his way to the prom

A young Sam Romeo on his way to the prom

With justifiable pride, Cos Cobber has sent along the link to this story announcing the grand opening of a Jos. A. Banks store where Minute Man Cleaners used to remove spaghetti stains from ties. The “Walk to Everything Neighborhood” once again demonstrates its ability to attract businesses that enhance that quality. CVS offers Pringles and Pepsi, one hundred forty-two banks launder cash for the snowplowers and now there’s a place to buy dress up clothes for Uncle Benny “The Belly”‘s funeral. You wouldn’t want to disrespect the Don.

Anything left to complete the shopping paradise that is Cos Cob?  Perhaps we can bring back Dairy Queen so that after dining on those Pringles, local families can grab a desert. And if “Packages Plus” were replaced by a  “Sizes are Plus” woman’s store, the ladies of Cos Cob could look as sharp as their husbands. Chicken Deep Fry Joe’s is there to help you fit into your new larger clothes, should you need assistance. You want extra barbecue on those thighs?


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20 responses to “Salvation comes in all shades of polyester

  1. Cos Cobber

    Now you are getting it. The Cob is a walkable neighborhood with most everything you could ever need.

    Its time to ditch your honda and move to the walkable, yet affordable environs of Cos Cob CF.

  2. Front Row Phil

    Is Cos Cob actually a part of Greenwich, or is it a neighborhood you have to go through to get from one side of Greenwich to the other?

  3. anonymous

    Cos Cob sounds like old, blue-collar suburbs of Anytown US; they need to live somewhere, right?

  4. Cos Cobber

    Good one Phil, but oh so wrong. Cos Cob is the heart of greenwich.

    • christopherfountain

      I consider Cos Cob as a western buffer, shielding Riverside from Greenwich proper, just as Old Greenwich serves that purpose to our east. I have no idea what purpose Byram serves.

  5. I worked at that Dairy Queen as a teenager. What a shame they closed it.

  6. Accolay

    I heard that Richards is going to open a store in Cos Cob. ; )

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Elitist that I am – even I feel that this post is beyond arrogant!

    • christopherfountain

      We try to push beyond all boundaries on this blog, GG, tastlessness and arrogance being just two.

  8. Old School Grump

    In Cos Cob, is Wednesday night still Harley night?

    (no disrespect intended; we lived in Glenville, a completely pointless part of town.)

  9. Cos Cobber

    GG, which post is arrogant? forgive me, i am slow.

  10. former resident

    I lived in Riverside for five years…moved overseas for two and am not back in the USA. We decided to relocate to Westchester instead of Greenwich…tough decision. When I read a post such as this it makes me realize that Greenwich really does have a lot of snobs and I am so glad that my kids will grow up somewhere else. Fountain, I love your blog and I respect your opinion, but leave Cos Cob alone and Glenville for that matter. Get over the fact that you grew up in Riverside. Nobody cares.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh dear, ’73 – I think you’re late to the party on this one – Cos Cobber, Stanwich and I (and others) have been having a long-running joke about all this – if you want my real view on the snobbism in town, I recommend “The New Millionaire’s Handbook” published by Andrews/MacMeel in 2000 – available at the Amazon remainder bin, alas, for mere pennies. In the meantime, if you’d like to toss a few brickbats in Riverside’s direction, by all means join in.

  11. former resident

    I am well aware of the banter that goes on between you and various posters and I usually find it amusing. I also think you are very astute in your analysis of the real estate in Greenwich which is why I read your blog. This posting just seemed a bit more mean spirited than usual. I believe you truly do think you are better than those living in the less affluent parts of town and I think it makes you much less likeable.

  12. Bliss

    Isn’t your firms ONLY listing in Cos Cob?

  13. Pierre Berge, Nom de Plume

    Doesn’t our new Town Plan say Cos Cob is the new Central Business District for the (middle class) residents of Greenwich? Now that Downtown has been left to in-bound commuters, tourists, gawkers, and a few resident-hedgees with rolls of quarters.

  14. Cos Cobber

    Pierre, you are correct sir…like Festivus, Cos Cob is for the rest of us.

    Hedgies with quarters…chuckle. It was funny watching the bossman head to the ave this week at lunch hr and asking his assistant for quarters. The guy is super loaded, but still needs to be 25 cent pieces around to park on the ave.