Well okay, then

Lawyer for (dead) Wrong Way Momigan says she was diabetic, “may have had a drinksie poo or two to raise her blood sugar”.  Some folks eat a Snickers bar to achieve the same effect but who are we to judge?


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3 responses to “Well okay, then

  1. ogrcc


    just wow

    nothing amazes me anymore

  2. anonymous

    Cultural misunderstanding….obese trailer park dwellers from LI…part of a different species with an odd accent

  3. FlyAngler

    I have known (going back to sixth grade) one of the victims in the other car. We were not great friends and have seen each other once since HS graduation 30 years ago.

    However, I do recall that the family was a close one, that the older brother looked out for the deceased younger (my classmate) and that the Dad showed up for school events.

    A number of my HS friends have been emailing about this since it happened. We remain baffled as to why the other side’s family allowed her to get behind a wheel. We are also baffled how someone gets that impaired by 1pm.

    My prayers to the Bastardis and the other families involved.