Will this do the trick?

634 North Street

634 North Street

This Merritt Parkway house dropped to $7.950 million from $8.950. That’s a big cut, but the Merritt Parkway entrance ins still to the left, the Parkway itself is right behind it and North Street traffic still whizzes past the front door. There are buyers out there who don’t mind that kind of activity, surely, or half the big houses on North Street would never sell (come to think of it, half the spec houses on North Street haven’t sold – hmmm) but I’m pretty sure most buyers will prefer to spend $8 million on a quieter location. So either the builder of this one better hope that odd-ball buyer shows up soon or he’ll want to lower his price to attract someone willing to put up with noise in exchange for a real bargain. It’s solely my opinion, of course, but I don’t see this as bargain priced right now.


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10 responses to “Will this do the trick?

  1. Cos Cobber

    part of the fantasy with this house is pretending you are not adjacent to the merritt, but instead trapped in a disney movie.

    i dont want to be right, its not good for any of us who want to see our community be successful, but this house is doomed.

  2. Jane

    We drove by that house the other day and my son said, “Mom, that looks like the hotel we stayed at in Florida!” Truly awful.

  3. Stanwich

    We’ve discussed this monster before. Beautiful house, I like the style but the lot size and location make this one seem so out of place. It needs 10 acres with a long sweeping driveway. I guess you can pretend the Merritt on-ramp is your driveway.

    It doesn’t help that the Queen of Overpricing has the listing…..you know it is overpriced by about 40%.

  4. Anonymous

    please send all complaints about overpriced houses and snarky real estate agents and commenters to:
    there is a very nice woman there, named Linda Douglass, who will help you.

  5. Kidding Really??

    god help this builder…

  6. Tilly

    I don’t care where that architectural abomination was located, the only thing that would redeem that place is a match and some gasoline.

    It reminds me of a pale version of Dragon’s Head out in the Hamptons. Of course that place was so bastardized I almost got sentimental about it but have to applaud Calvin Klein for ordering that wrecking crew to banish the eyesore.

    Proof that every township should set up an architectural review board to view new builds and preserve the historical ones, before some idiot comes in and Kashoggis it up.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    I think they should film a reality show there. “Lifestyles of the rich and tasteless…?”

  8. Rockwood


    Who is the lender for this project?


  9. Cobra

    In addition to issues relative to its location, that joint is butt ugly.

    Looks like an upscale Portugese whore house, although I’ve never entered one.

    When entering or exiting the Merritt, I observed 634 NS as it was being built. Week by week, as more architectual details became evident, my lunch grew increasingly close to being reviewed all over the front seat.

    I can only imagine the wealthy wanker who eventually buys this turkey. Perhaps a retired carting czar from New Jersey?

    The architect must have been a devout practitioner of Timothy Leary’s teachings.

    • christopherfountain

      Actually, Cobra, it kind of reminds me of that Mormon temple just outside of Washington D.C. Ever see it? Huge gold turrets and spires, crenelated whathaveyou and, best of all, for years the overpass just before it had some grafitto, resprayed annually, saying “Surrender, Dorothy!”. Very funny.