Friday happenings

On the run since 7 this morning and no time to post until now but obviously I’m not the only agent who’s busy. The difference is, some have been more productive than I. One sale reported today, and four contracts. That’s nice, but it’s interesting to see the histories of these properties.

19 Dingletown Road sold for $1.6 million in 1998 and was listed for sale again, untouched so far as I could tell, for $2.495 in 2008. It sold today for $1.6 million, so at least it provided symmetry to the seller, if not riches.

510 North Street, a grand old, tired brick home (1924?) on 2.8 acres remaining from its original land, was listed by David Ogilvy in 2002 for $11.5 million. The Ogilvy magic wasn’t enough to overcome the demerits of the house but it did finally sell after a few broker and price changes for $6.550 in 2005. The buyers renovated and put it back up for sale this past May with Shore & Country at the very smart price of $5.995, and already has a buyer.

407 Sound Beach Avenue, new construction was listed at $3.995 a long time ago and finally dropped to $3.350. It, too is under contract.

65 Meadow Road in Riverside started at $4.750 an recently dropped to $3.995 and has a contract today. My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that it’s selling for around $3.5.

143 Otter Rock in Belle Haven has been for sale practically forever, starting at $6.2 million in 2002 and ending up today, again after many brokers and price changes,with Katharine Adams, at $5.395. And lo, a contract.

Finally, 14 Ben Court, in Old Greenwich, was a land deal priced at $1.495. I’d pegged it as worth maybe $1.1ish but 24 days after being listed it has a contract so it shows what I know.

But, looking at these histories, it’s clear that with the exception of Ben Court and 510 North Street, all these sellers endured long, long periods where their houses were on the market but not selling, all because they were chasing illusory prices. As the previous owners of 510 North would probablyagree, overpricing your house ends up annoying and inconveniencing you with no concomitant reward. What a bummer.


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10 responses to “Friday happenings

  1. Xpat

    Wheeew!!! I was afraid something bad had happened to you. I just realized that I have become FWIW addicted!!

  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I have a few questions about your post. What exactly is busy for an agent? You had to give a few more cab rides than usual and had to fake smile a bit more than normal. Correct?
    And more productive than you? An infant who spends all day pooping yellow in his pampers is more productive than you, for Pete’s Sake. And smarter than you, if I say so myself!! They at least did something that had a purpose.
    So let me guess. You couldn’t sleep and woke up earlier than normal. So you were still sleepy, so you went to Starbucks while it was actually busy. You harassed every customer there, and gave away business cards like crazy. You do have business cards right, Dude? Don’t do the “name written on a napkin trick”. To tacky.
    So now it’s 10:00 A.M. and you go to the office. You do have an office, right Dude?
    You set your card table up and pop a squat on your K-Mart folding chair. In case a customer may actually come in. Not that you would actually know what to do, if they ever did. But you are forever the optomist. One of your few endearing qualities. Yeah right.
    Of course, that slacker Frankie Futter still hasn’t shown up, so you are getting pissed. You want to play Monopoly, and are getting really bored.
    So you decide to crazy glue the legs to Futter’s card table closed. You are laughing your ass off, and rolling around the floor, thinking how BRILLIANT you are. (It was actually the only good idea you have had in a while, BTW!!)
    So Futter shows up at noon, screws around trying to set up his card table, can’t do it, and you start pissing your pants. Frankie FINALLY gets it (it took him an hour), gets pissed, then laughs, so you take him to lunch to make up for it. At Beamers in Stamford.
    So you two clowns have the lunch special, and watch the Nude Filly’s ballet until about 4:00 P.M. You don’t tip the Filly’s of
    course, but keep trying to get them to come back to one of your better listings to go “swimming”. Am I correct? Yes I am.
    You two losers strike out (of course), but go back to the office to check messages. You have one, from some pissed off dude you sold a house to in 2005. He lost his IB job, was forced to sell, and got his clock cleaned for a $2.0 million loss, on the house you sold him as a “can’t miss investment”. After you two hear the message, you say to Futter, “Hey – It sucks to be him!!”, you both roll on the floor laughing, and go home. Correct? Correct!!! Yeah, you really worked your ass off today.
    Anyway, enough about you. You load. What I really want to know is who paid $1.6 million for a Dingleberry? Give them my contact data Dude. I have a deal for them. Can’t miss. You and Futter may want in as well.
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know who bought Dingleberry, Walt (there was a question buried in there somewhere, right?) but your tone suggests that you disapprove of his choice. has it occured to you that the buyer might be a nature lover, a veritable Rachael Fucking Carson butterfly lover who likes, yea, even adores swamps and is willing to pay to protect them? He put his money where his heart is – call it muskrat love, if you like, they live in swamps – and as an involuntarily retire real estate agent I say Bully for him! But i can get his name – you got a deal for him eh? 5% and he’s yours.

  3. Walt

    P.S. Dude –
    Bring back the barn. You frigging loser.
    Your Pal,

  4. cos cobber

    You’re back! I thought for sure the secret service had thrown you in obama’s new gulag for those opposing obama-care.

  5. Cristobal Fuentes. Que bien que te encuentro acqui en la Bolosfera.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    The market terms are 2/20. We aren’t greedy like you real estate slobs. Take the 5% and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    And I sense grumpiness on your part. Don’t take it out on Old Uncle Walt that you wiffed with the Nude Filly Ballet today worse than Yaz did against the Yank’s. And they are going down again tonight, you loser.
    But I also sense you question my prose? You of Helen Keller writing ability. I take offense. Let’s get copy boy Hiram to judge. He is a tool. And he is your tool. So get Hiram/Fake Walt out of his rat hole.
    Any way, glad you are busy, and go sell some dirt. And get me my barn back.
    Your Pal,

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Still can’t figure how 510 North Street could ask less than what the owners paid for it after major renovations….extensive slate roof repairs, kitchen, etc. It seems a fire sale at a significant loss.

  8. anonymous

    If nothing else, “Walt” consistently offers enjoyable humor; reminds me of juvenile trading desk humor with a codgerly spin

  9. Pete

    Just a couple of notes on Friday activity. On 19 Dingletown, assessor’s records show a second transfer, Ward, Tr. to Walsh, 1/21/98, $1,730,000.

    510 North St. house shown as built in 1873.

    Assessor also shows a transfer of 143 Otter Rock Dr., Picard to Palmer, 3/29/07, $4,700,000.

    Ben Court, in this market the buyer may want the house.