So where are my tickets?

"Fountain? Never heard of him."

"Fountain? Never heard of him."

Former GHS and Notre Dame star center John Sullivan may start as center for the Minnesota Vikings this season. Now, as a parent, I’m well aware of the ingratitude of children – sharper than a serpent’s tooth and all that – but I do wish Mr. Sullivan would pause and reflect on how I steered him toward the success he is enjoying today. John was on the baseball team I coached when he was about eight and maybe 4 1/2 feet tall and if I hadn’t been the most inept coach in Riverside (hey, it’s a volunteer position and they were desperate for any adult willing to show up on weekdays at 4:00 pm), he might have descended into a life of baseball -chewing tobaccy, late night bus trips from one meaningless minor league game to another, athlete’s foot, the whole bit. But no, out of despair, the boy abandoned baseball and discovered football where his great athletic talents  blossomed. The rest is history, but is he grateful? Not so I’ve noticed – I haven’t heard from him since that dismal summer – we might have one one game, by default – memory fades, mercifully, even though I’ve followed his career. The guy probably thinks that growing to be 6’4, 300+ pounds plus endless summers of training were the key to success but I know better; I guess that knowledge will have to be my reward.


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4 responses to “So where are my tickets?

  1. maxxman

    “one one game”?

  2. Walt

    Loser Boy –
    My intrepid friend.
    I wanted to reply to your rant, on 175 Round Hill above, but you screwed it up and it won’t accept comments. Par for the course. You loser. You could screw up selling winning lottery tickets. You load.
    Get with the program, for Pete’s Sake.
    You are as interesting as stale toast. Stale, burnt toast, actually. Without butter.
    You are stale, dry, cold toast, with marjorine… marjorie, maghaning. Oh frig it. You are stale, dry, cold toast with pretend butter. Yeah, thats it!!
    Anyway, fix the blog. You load.
    Your Pal,
    P.S. – The Sox lost again. Just like you. Your suckage is incredibly consistent. I give you that.

    • christopherfountain

      The Sox didn’t lose, they’re just setting you guys up for the big disappointment, just as they did for 87 years (or whatever) before 2004. Ha!

  3. Pierre Berge, Nom de Plume

    As a catcher, JS blocked the plate so no one could score. He hit the ball a country mile. Had he stayed with baseball, JS would have made the pros anyway.