Bootmaker scion buys big in Greenwich

Follow me to Valbella's!

Follow me to Valbella's!

So says gossiper Scusie, any way. Says someone named Justine Timberland has bought a big spread here amongst the swells. So what did he buy? Well, 24 Conyers Farm just sold for $18.7 million, and that’s a possibility, but I’d plump for that 15 acre house on Sherwood that went for something like $20 million. Why? Well, an out-of-town dummy with too much money would be just the fella to buy under the Westchester Airport flight zone and overpay for a less-than desirable address, don’t you think? Just my guess, of course, but those are the only two large sales of recent note.


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7 responses to “Bootmaker scion buys big in Greenwich

  1. Wally

    Justin Timberlake, the singer.

  2. Wally

    Got it. Like the reference to the plump 15 acres too.

  3. Front Row Phil

    Love your photo of the twins. Those two girls are so identical I can’t tell where one leaves off and the other starts.

  4. anonymous

    Entertainment money is about as dumb as any….trailer park/ghetto deluxe style at its best

  5. Cos Cobber

    You know Timberland is a very good golfer. Too bad he’s going to be relagated to playing the Griff on saturdays and charity tourneys at the big boy clubs during the week.

  6. dip

    he bought old mill farm