Finally, a government program I approve of

Here comes Pelosi Air now

Here comes Pelosi Air now!

Pentagon takes aim at Congressional jet travel


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3 responses to “Finally, a government program I approve of

  1. anon

    Chris, I hope you read that article carefully. This executive jets mess is a bipartisan operation, and it was a Republican congressman, Bill Young, who was quoted in that article defending the jets appropriation. He was quoted as a “senior appropriator.” Just something for you to keep in mind next time you slay the “Democratic congress” — pet-project spending is a bipartisan disease, and I find it ironic that one of the more outspoken Democrats on spending reform is Jim Himes, whom you constantly belittle on your blog.

    Himes joined Jeff Flake, one of the most conservative Republicans in Congress, in voting for an investigation into Jack Murtha’s earmarks and campaign contributions. It’d be nice if you’d highlight some of this stuff, because a reader who gets most of their local political news from your blog would think that Jim Himes was some sort of unabashed champion of wasteful spending, when in fact he’s catching flak from left-wing activists for not being supportive enough of the House Democrats’ health care bill, etc.

    • christopherfountain

      Anon, I know very well that it’s an equal opportunity rip-off. The article I excerpted yesterday detailed one Democrat’s trip around the world with his friends and one Republican (Selby?) taking friends and their spouses on a three-week junket to Europe. I have long been of the “a pox on both their houses” school and nothing the Republicans did during their stab at running the country dissuaded me from that position. I didn’t check, but I’m confident that Republicans on the ethics committe voted along with their Deomocrat colleagues to let Dodd off the hook yesterday because, as I said, when it comes to the ruling class, partisanship is abandoned.

    • christopherfountain

      Anon, a reader who gets most of his political news from my blog is too hapless to worry about! Relax.