Go, and sin no more

Applicable to the story below but in fact that was the “punishment” meted out to Connecticut’s most corrupt senator (our only one, come to think of it), Chris Dodd. I’m astonished. At this level, partisanship gives way to protection of the ruling class – the rulers take care of their own. Plus, they get to ride around in cool jets.

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  1. Old School Grump

    “… even as it scolded them Friday for not being more careful to avoid the appearance of sweetheart deals….”

    This is the language that makes my blood boil. This was not the “appearance of a sweetheart deal”; it WAS a sweetheart deal, just one that technically, apparently, wasn’t against the Senate rules. But I’m not at all surprised that the Senate has made sure that “loans on terms generally available to the public” are exempted from the gift rules; I’m sure it’s an exemption that has been around for decades. Their sleaziness knows no bounds.