How to lose friends and fail to influence people

Harpie from MADD

Harpie from MADD

President of MADD denounces Obama for “Beer Summit”.  The man was enjoying a beer in his backyard and is unlikely to drive a car himself for at least four and possibly eight more years, so where is MADD’s place in this discussion?  MADD achieved its goal of strengthening drunk driving laws – not that that prevented the Taconic Parkway massacre – and now has morphed into a temperance movement. Call it mission creep or an organization without a cause, this sort of nonsense only serves to make MADD look – well, mad.


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3 responses to “How to lose friends and fail to influence people

  1. anonymous

    Indeed; single issue militants tend to be creepy in many ways

    Would be amusing to review the driving records (at-fault accidents, points on license, insurance premia and coverage) of MADD members

    Many dangerous drivers are DUI but perhaps as many (or more) equally dangerous drivers are distracted (cell phone/texting/eating, etc etc) or casually reckless (running red lights or stop signs, tailgating at 65MPH, driving cars w/inept brakes or tires, etc)

  2. Cobra

    This genre of extremism is reminiscent of PETA, an organization that should be snuffed without prejudice and their members consumed by mammalaian predators.

    Cancel that. Consuming PETA members may cause severe gastrointestinal turmoil and resultant olfactory armageddon. Let reptiles dine to their hearts’ content–they can eat any carrion without ill effects.

  3. Front Row Phil

    The mission has to creep. How else can the folks at MADD who are receiving salaries continue to justify them? As long as the media gives MADD a bullhorn they’ll continue to use it.