Madoff case about to metastasize


Remember Fred DiPascall? He was Bernie Madoff’s “go to” guy, the one all the Madoff “victims” said they talked to about their accounts including Walter and the boys. He was arrested soon after Bernie was and then disappeared from view. I’ve always said he was talking – who wouldn’t after watching your co-conspirator get 150 years? – and that when the feds had milked him, he was going to bring down the House of Madoff. Milking is done and he’s pleading guilty next week.  [bad link before – sorry] You don’t get a plea deal from the government if you don’t deliver the goods – see, Madoff, Bernie, 150 year sentence, above – so the fact that DiPascall’s got a deal means he’s told what Bernie wouldn’t: who else was in on the scam.

So who gets bracelets next week? Ruth? Andy and Mark? Uncle Peter? I’m rooting for all of them, and maybe a few more like (don’t take this personally, guy) Walter and maybe that fat ex-Madoff lady in Darien – remember? She of the “fund for investing with women and minorities for a more just society fund” that dumped everything with Bernie in exchange for huge fees? Her – I’d like to see her standing in the dock, too.

UPDATE: Business Insider is thinking along the same lines and also mentions Walter Noel as a juicy target. Not that anyone wants to see the poor old codger marched off to prison, mind you, but it would enrich the story.


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16 responses to “Madoff case about to metastasize

  1. '73Refugee

    The link is wrong – a dup of the Pelosi-Air link.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I don’t wear jewelry, so I will pass on the bracelets. You are thinking of Sandra Manske, the holier than thou fat slut from New Canaan. It is great to see she fell off her high hors…. It is great to see she shut her fat, I am better than you, mouth, and instead of using it to rant, has resumed to using it to stuff Dutchess chili dogs down her throat at a furious rate. I love those, too. She thought she knew it all. What a fraud. But she can swallow a mean chili dog. In large quantities. Whole. No chewing. I give respect where respect is due. But I thank the Lord every day that I am not her toilet.
    But she made people like FGG look bad, and held us in contempt. So eff her.
    Anyway, off to the Stadium to see the Yanks beat the snot out of the Soxs again. All is right with the world Dude. My farts smell like roses, and nothing can go wrong now.
    I am sitting right behind home plate. Yeah, the really expensive seats no one else can afford. But I can.
    I will hold up a sign that says HEY (HAY!!!) Dude, and give you the finger. Third inning good? Let me know.
    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Her son is selling a line of Madoff golf balls for $17.50 a sleeve.

  4. mrs p

    Know a good accountant? Check out the Greenwich Sentry financials here and here.

  5. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Certainly, I’ve come to learn that FWIW is a local affair and that a girl from Brooklyn has no place slipping behind the velvet rope. I know my “place.” Please allow me to simply say that it seems like you locals are being a bit hard on the Noels. What is $7 billion among friends? Laugh and move on! You in the Greenwich set can more than afford it – and what fun it was while it lasted. Especially, as it seems, for the Noels!! Do you really want to see your long-term neighbor and friend disgraced and in jail…..even if you kicked him out of the “club”…..or wouldn’t allow him membership in the first place? It is hard for outsiders to understand…….forgive and forget. The fillies are getting lonely…..

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Jessica – good post. We love having your point of view – esp. since you are not from Greenwich.

  7. Anonymous

    mrs p, I don’t have time to plow through all that stuff you linked to, though I’d like to know what your point is. Would you please just succinctly state it?

  8. Fake Walt

    Update on my no good son-in-law Andres

    Off to Jupiter Island

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  9. Walt

    Fake Walt/Hiram –
    Thanks for posting old news. As usual, you are a dollar short and five days late. Proof and post, copy boy!!!
    Your Pal,

  10. mrs p

    Scratch that comment, anon. I tend to forget that not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of wading through old financials.

    I will point out that almost half of Greenwich Sentry’s funds were redeemed in 2005. The same year, GS switched auditors from a two-man firm in Greenwich, Berkow Schecter, to Pricewaterhousecoopers.

    I believe B.S. also served as GS administrator in 2004 and prior and that it continued to do so after it was not longer GS auditor. B.S. shows up on Bernie’s customer list as a customer and mail drop for Citco a number of times.

    (I believe Fairfield Sentry had always used Pwc. According to an FFG due diligence report, Fairfield Limited and its subs used the big hedge fund accountants, Rothstein Kass. How they’ve kept their name out of this is mystery.)

    There was also run on Fairfield Sentry in 2005 to the tune of $500 million. If I have time later, I’ll post those financials.

    Someone should find out why there redemptions were so high in 2005. That was the year Bayou Fund was exposed but it was also the year Harry Markopolos prepared the report he submitted to the SEC in November 2005. My understanding is that Harry got a lot of his information about FFG from a GS customer.

    Another possibility is that word got around about Bernie being investigated by the SEC.

  11. mrs p

    BTW, it is Frank DiPascali, not Fred.

  12. Bob Schulman

    Looks like happy hour started awhile ago for you, Sandra. You can’t even post a link without screwing it up.

    At least I know when to fold ’em. Instead of retiring after I threw your sorry rear end out of Tremont, you went and got yourself in more trouble.

    Don’t think for a minute I’m going down without taking you with me.

  13. Andres P.

    Yes, we were bleeding cash in ’05 and into ’06 and I couldn’t get anyone to give me a dime. That’s what happens when you pay out a lousy 6%.

    Why do you think Bernie boosted the percentage to 9.3% in ’06? We needed the money!

    Did we tell our customers what to expect in ’06? Maybe we, maybe we didn’t. I don’t remember.

  14. Dan Lipton

    Andres, Stop exaggerating. The rate was 7.45 in ’05 and 9.38% in ’06.