The trouble with kids today

Officer Friendly says, "please don't touch!"

Officer Friendly says, "please don't touch!"

This speed gizmo has been parked up the street from me for over a week and it’s still there today, even though it’s the dead of  summer and the most boring nights of the year are upon us. What the heck are our local boys up to? Back in my days as a teenaged moron, my friends and I would have hit this thing the first night it was placed there, towed it to police headquarters and left it in a patrol car’s parking space. Is today’s generation too well-behaved to succumb to this invitation? Busy cramming for their SATs? Coked out and in a stupor on their parent’s living room couch?  Whatever the reason, it doesn’t speak well for their initiative.


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7 responses to “The trouble with kids today

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you take a grump pill today? Or is it just that the Red Sox are going to get their ass kicked by the Yankees for the fourth time in a row today? They score less than you do!!! And they have talent!!!
    Anyway, the Filly’s, when they were teens, got stopped for speeding all the time. But never ticketed. I never could figure out why. Maybe they gave the officer a sugar cube?
    Did you see me flash you the bird from the stadium yesterday? I did it twice!!!

    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      We’re waiting to get you up to Boston. But yes, I did see you yesterday. How’d the hot dog sales go?

  2. ogrcc


    back in my day we would have place m80(s) on this thing and lit it up.

    or tow it to a friends house and destroyed it.

  3. hem22

    Someone asked me yesterday why I read this blog…I’m starting to ask myself the same question.

  4. gcds alum

    Hey OGRCC, that probably would have been my house eh?

    Actaully the real fun with those stupid things is making them read “00” (as in 100, but there is no room for a third number). Did it once before and was somewhat amusing…..