Andres Piedrahita flies to Mexico, pleads guilty

Well no, not yet, but depending on what Madoff’s lieutenant Frank DiPascali says tomorrow, he might want to. Sounds like Mexican prisons are a wonderland compared to our own and Andres already knows the lingo. He should have a ball.

Inside the high concrete walls ringed by barbed wire, past the heavily armed men in black uniforms with stern expressions, inmates rule the roost. Some well-heeled prisoners pay to have keys to their cells. When life inside, with its pizza deliveries, prostitutes and binges on drugs and alcohol, becomes too confining, prisoners sometimes pay off the guards for a furlough or an outright jailbreak.

“Our prisons are businesses more than anything else,” said Pedro Arellano Aguilar, an expert on prisons. He has visited scores of them in Mexico and has come away with a dire view of what takes place inside. “Everything is for sale and everything can be bought.”

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  1. mrs p

    Anticipating what Frankie D. has to say about Andres and the rest of the gang, I posted here about how Bernie’s returns shot up in 2006 after Fairfield Sentry’s investors pulled a billion or so out of their accounts between ’05 and ’06.

    I also posted links to all of the Fairfield Sentry financials, some brochures and three due diligence (not!) reports for anyone inclined to read such things.