Even Squareheads can’t be this dumb, can they?

It’s hardly surprising to learn in the Wall Street Journal that the market for $995 children’s dresses isn’t doing well these days. Greenwich’s Best & Co. was not alone over-estimating the longevity of the market for insane purchases by proud parents who had too much money. But check out this Swedish manufacturer who doesn’t blame the recession for its woes but can’t figure out the cause:

“Parents want to adopt the same codes for the whole family,” says Ms. Rolando, who explained the “mini me” trend as the human impulse to show membership in a clan. Mothers could dress their toddlers in Kid by Phillip Lim or Acne Miniature outfits that mimicked their own styles.

Acne introduced Miniature for fall 2008, and then cut back the number of pieces in its spring collection. Its fall collection will have fewer pieces as well. A spokesman for the Swedish brand says the cutbacks “are not due to the recession” but mark a rethinking of the line.

Acne?As the name for a kid’s clothing line? Can you imagine any child old enough to sport pimples who would be caught dead in clothing called Acne? Maybe the word means something wonderful in Sweden, like “stinky rotted herring brined for sixteen months and mixed with rancid cheese” but you’re in America now guys, and you’re going to have to get with it. I do enjoy the concept of “clan membership”, though, with Biff, Muffsy, Mopsey and Clete all wearing the same clothes. Just not pimple gear.

UPDATE: It’s even worse than I thought: the Swedes came up with this name using English words to create an acronym. Acne Jeans is a Swedish denim manufacturer and part of the Stockholm-based design firm “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions” (ACNE).

Good lord – no wonder the Norwegians tell Swede jokes, like, “Why did the Swede push his house down the street? He wanted to jump-start his furnace.” Har har har.


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7 responses to “Even Squareheads can’t be this dumb, can they?

  1. Old Coot

    Stinky rotted herring brined for sixteen months and mixed with rancid cheese? Sounds like a French delicacy.

    • christopherfountain

      It’s actually something French girls dress their underarm hair with. Drives Pierre mad.

  2. Anonymous

    It makes perfect sense to a lot of people, Chris.

    Here’s your explanation:

  3. Red

    And I thought those matching mother & daughter Lily Pulitzer dresses were silly enough….but I did not grow up in one of the local clans, so what do I know?

  4. Anonymous

    Generally the most rabid consumers of such brands tend to be the aspirational affluent who don’t have a lot of bucks; aren’t in a prestigious industry…and likely never attended a top 5 college

    Eternal challenge of high-end marketing is most of those with most bucks have least need/desire to advertise anything to anyone

  5. Cos Cobber

    Anonymous 9:59, would you please give yourself a name. A name won’t hurt your liquidity, tarnish your sterling education or cause weight gain.

    Let me offer some quick suggestions. I tried to build upon some of your consistent mantras.

    Obesity obsessed (altnative name; poor people are fat and fat people are poor),
    Captain warm and fuzzy

  6. Helsa Poppin

    Echoing Cos Cobber, I have privately named Anonymous “Hobgoblin” owing to his/her impressive consistency of message. Offered affectionately.