Himes and wife off for Israel

That Town Hall meeting thing didn’t go so well so our Congressman is off to safer climes, where he need only fear suicide bombers rather than angry constituents who want to ask rude questions. He’s flying commercial jet (bounced from Air Pelosi due to lack of seniority) which is an improvement – I want every elected official to go through first hand the insane air “security” they have foisted on us – but what’s his carbon footprint?  And do staff members get to go on these trips too? Just wondering.


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  1. Anonymous

    “The 10 members of Congress gathered at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on the morning of Dec. 29, 2007, along with several of their staff.”

    From this article:


  2. Reader

    Himes may wish to stay here. Obama supporters are not likely to be greeted with open arms in Israel as his foreign policy is even less popular in Israel than Obamacare is in the US. Despite Iran’s efforts to build nuclear weapons and Amad’s vow to destroy Israel, despite the Palestinian’s refusal to recognize Israel, despite the dysfunctional terrorist havens created by Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and Southern Lebanon, Obama’s “smart diplomats” think Israeli settlements are the obstacles to peace in the Middle East. The nomination of Mary Robinson, chair of the anti-Israel/anti-semitic Durban conference, for the Presidential Medal of Honor adds gasoline to the fire. Maybe Himes is not aware that Obama’s desire to create distance between the US and Israel is one area where Obama has been quite successful.

  3. Anonymous


    Himes is accompanied only by his wife, Mary. Members are allowed to bring their spouses because they see each other so little during the year. Members’ spouses also must pay their own way.

  4. Anonymous

    Nearly all <$10MM/yr IBers at GS fly commercial for both business and personal trips and are simply happy when upgraded to first class…but most of these clowns also commute to office by 3rd World-worthy train or cab

    Quite funny that a bunch of penniless, dim-witted commies in Wash seek to enjoy the G550 perk of major techies and hedgies (who pay for their G550s out of their own pocket)

  5. ogrcc

    Silly GS worker bees.

    Don’t they know if they want to G550 or the chauffer driven black mercedes, they should go out and work at a Hedge Fund.

    Or better yet start their own.

  6. Old School Grump

    To Anonymous at 1:34 who wrote, “Members’ spouses also must pay their own way.”:

    Look up CF’s post from Friday, and you’ll see that that is, um, not quite true:

    “… Spouses must pay for their own meals, but they don’t have to pay for lodging and travel….”


    “… As on all such overseas trips, each lawmaker gets a daily stipend of $350 for incidentals, according to the form….”

    Don’t ya think that $350 per day will cover a spouse’s meals, both spouses’ “incidentals,” and then some? I sure wish I had $350 per day for MY “incidentals” whenever I leave my own zip code … life would be pretty damn interesting!

    No way ’round it, Anonymous; these are Boondoggles with a capital B. And last time I checked, we didn’t elect the spouses.

  7. Anonymous

    Mrs. Himes happens to be a wonderful lady. Hands off!

  8. Old School Grump

    Mrs. Himes may indeed be a wonderful lady, Anonymous — I have no reason to doubt you — but my observations about the impropriety of taxpayer funding for travel for Congressional spouses stand.

  9. Anonymous

    If Mrs. Himes is so wonderful, put her on Obamacare.