Just stop this Walter, and behave yourself

Woman says she was duped into changing man’s diapers.

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One response to “Just stop this Walter, and behave yourself

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    You can’t expect me to change my own pampers, can you? And it’s not like I asked her to change them right after I dropped a giant blumpkin. I have manners for Pete’s Sake. A little bit of piss. What is the big frigging deal? She was a grown woman for Pete’s Sake. You think I showed her something she has never seen before? I think not. And she told me I was hung like a hors…. She told me she was impressed. So there.
    Anyway, after the Yanks swept the Sox – who totally spit the bit, and I told you it was going to happen – I decided to treat myself to a day off. From what? Dunno. I can’t remember the last time I actually ever did anything, besides shake hands and smile like an idiot. Just like you do.
    Anyway, my PR Agency said news may be coming out this week and I should get some new duds. Why do I need a PR Agency? I can’t figure out what they do. And it is nothing against Puerto Rican’s. But I already have Andres. So why do I need to hire more? Just wondering.
    So I figured I would go to Jos A. Bank. Why isn’t it Joseph? Dunno. Times are tough, and even I can’t afford Greenwich Ave. And I am still really rich, and plan to stay that way.
    So I tool over to Rye, and the main street is EMPTY. Closed stores everywhere.
    Anyway, got a spot right in front, and they were running a kick ass sale. So I got some great new threads, at a real bargain.
    I always make sure I handle money wisely. If you ever get any, you should do the same Dude. Better yet, just give it to me.
    Your Pal,