Public wising up to Global Warming bunkum

Wake me when the movie's over

Wake me when the movie's over

Turns out, latest polls show that given the choice between living in the dark and eating dirt and sticks or having cheap energy, more Americans are choosing energy.  Lefties say the pollster just asked the wrong questions, naturally, but I agree with this guy:

Ebell said he doesn’t believe the recession or the weather are eroding public concern about global warming. Rather, he said, publicity over the high cost of green policies in Europe and other regions, as well as indications that those policies haven’t yielded results and a 12-year string of stable global temperatures, are changing Americans’ minds.

European countries have imposed gasoline taxes of $3 to $4 per gallon to curb consumption, Ebell noted, and the TaxPayers’ Alliance in Great Britain estimated that the average British family spends more than $1,200 a year on green charges and levies. Despite such investments, a December report from the United Nations showed that greenhouse gas emissions have grown by almost 10 percent worldwide since 1990, if you control for the emissions-curbing collapse of the Soviet Union and ensuing economic decline in Eastern Europe.

More importantly, said Ebell, the planet’s average temperature hasn’t risen since 1997, despite a 5 percent gain in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide in the same period. Twelve years doesn’t make for a long-term trend, Ebell said, but every year that goes by with no increase in average temperatures makes it harder to assert the climate is sensitive to carbon dioxide.

“I think there’s a huge amount of skepticism among the public. They’ve heard all these claims, and now they’ve been informed that there isn’t any recent warming,” Ebell said. “The public, without having a lot of information about it, is pretty astute. I think the alarmists are having a hard time making the case for global warming simply because reality is against them and the public has figured it out.” (The Competitive Enterprise Institute has taken flak for accepting funding from oil giant ExxonMobil. Ebell said the financing ended several years ago, and the funding source didn’t affect the group’s policy positions, which were in place before the nonprofit sought the money and have remained intact since the agreement concluded.)

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  1. Anonymous

    But Al Gore said that that is was settled science and he’s a Nobel laureate. The American Society of Psychologists might say Ebell has a mental illness.