12 Buckingham (off Roberta). Listed at $1.295, increased to $1.5 (go figure) sold – out -of-town-broker, $1,302,501. Assessed value (70% of 2005 market value) $1.310,810.

72 Summit – quarter acre lot (with a house in the way). Listed at $795, sold for $799. Now you know what a building lot on Summit’s worth. Assessed value, $911,000.

25 MacArthur – renovated, bought for $1.450 in 2007, sold Friday for $1.380. Not too bad.

Back on market: 357 Stanwich, 1900 house on corner of Cognewaugh, listed at $2.850 August ’08, new broker (Round Hill Partners), new price: $2.095. ML# 74069.


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  1. J

    25 Macarthur sold for a high price; not bad for a house with an one car garage.
    I think that area has had some nice sales

  2. Anonymousse

    Surprised at the huge price cut of 357 Stanwich. I haven’t been in it but I drive by it enough to know it’s a nice corner and the house if off the road enough not to be bothered by cut through traffic on Cognewaugh. Someone in a hurry to sell or was it stupidly overpriced to begin with? I also note, that at any given time, there are more than a couple of homes for sale on Stanwich. I love the street, think it’s very pretty, but are some bothered by the traffic? Maybe reader Stanwich can add his two cents here.

    • christopherfountain

      I think the house was overpriced for the market but it seems pretty sensible now. Stanwich has a drawback or a plus, depending on the buyer: no Merritt entrance. That’s fine by me and some buyers because it means less traffic but others find it inconvenient. I’d make that trade in a heart beat but I know some buyers who wouldn’t. It’s what makes a horse race.

  3. Stanwich


    Stanwich is a very long road, so the number of homes on the market at any one time may seem higher simply there are more homes on the road.

    I have always thought of Stanwich as a lesser North Street, without the ridiculous pricing and Merritt traffic. It all depends on the setback of the home. I can tell you that this house is well set back from the road and that traffic on Cognewaugh is minimal because it is so windy, even more so at the very end near Stanwich (I know people who will cut through Cottontail just to avoid the super curve at the end of Cognewaugh). Also, the home is pretty far up on Stanwich so even less traffic for that reason.

    The one downside to me for this house is the very tall pines in the front facing Stanwich. These seem to put the house in perrenial darkness although it is an easy fix with a few chainsaws.

    As for convenience, the Den Road exit to the Merrit is not that hard to get to, nor is the North Street exit. If you need ot get to I-95 or Post Road, then Stanwich is actually better than North/Lake because it puts you out right in the middle of town and easier to get to I-95 (getting from North Maple to exit 3 could take you 10 minutes).

    In general, I think Stanwich is a bargain for what you get. My favorite sections of the road are along the golf course after Montegomery, from Dingletown to Guinea Rd and then up higher after the Merritt.

  4. Stanwich

    What was 12 Buckingham like inside? Even though it was right on that pond, it seems like a low price for such a ritzy neighborhood. I presonally would never:

    a) buy a house on stagnant water
    b) buy a house on the very low side of a road
    c) buy a house on off a very busy street
    d) buy a hous eoverlooking a cemetary

    but that is just me. I still think the buyer’s got a good buy here. Macarthur, not so much…big house but I am no fan of H-Park.

  5. Anonymousse

    Thanks for the Stanwich tutorial, Stan. I drive those roads all the time, would live there in a flash, like it MORE than North. I’m guessing many house hunters overlook Stanwich just because they THINK it’s remote. I’d buy 357 in a heartbeat. I even own a chain saw.

  6. Anonymousse

    CF, I never have any luck plugging in your MLS numbers. Take 357 Stanwich; I went to Raveis, did a search by MLS, cut and paste 74069 and it came up with nada. Is there a trade secret I am missing, like having to know the listing agent?

    • christopherfountain

      Try standing on one leg while scratching your right ear with left hand when inputting.

  7. Anonymousse

    Ohhhhhhhhh, my right ear. There, now it works. Thanks.

    • christopherfountain

      Anonymousse, in case it stops working, you should know that I’m using the GMLS numbers – the Connecticut MLS has a different numbering system and it’s possible that Raveis uses those. I’ll see if I can do anything about that but I’m doubtful. Annoying thing is that, while Raveis puts the address of their own listings on the internet, which would let you look up houses that way, they are refused permission to do so for other firm’s – the old “keep the customer in the dark” philosophy. I think Bill Raveis has seen the future and is adapting far faster thanhis competitors.

  8. Accolay

    Stanwich is my favorite of the “major” roads in Greenwich second only to RH. For the right house–and right price–I’d move there in a heartbeat (despite the proximity to Cos Cob).