This will get interesting

Westchester County has agreed to settle a fair housing suit and will be forced to build moderate income housing and market it to blacks in towns like Scarsdale, Bedford and Hastings-on-Hudson. I don’t know why Asians, Urdus, and the French are left out of this bonanza but if Bedford falls (apologies to Frank Capra) can Greenwich be far behind? What more tempting a target than here?


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  1. Old Atlantic

    Just take a zero off the prices. And then in a few more years another. Then very shortly another.
    Look at house prices in West Hartford. Look at them in North Baltimore. There are many cities from the 19th century with wonderful old houses that sell cheap. This is called progress. Fifty dollars a square foot in Cleveland.

    10710-1071 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland OH 44102

    is a very nice home at 50 per square foot.

  2. Krazy Kat

    I grew up in Yonkers and graduated from high school about five years before Judge Sands forced the city into a bussing scheme to “correct” the alledged discrimination of city administrators long dead at that point. It destroyed Roosevelt High School and forever changed the tenor of many neighborhoods.

    A study 20 years later suggested that the money spent on bussing (over $10mm per year) would have been better spent in the local neighborhoods as investments in schools and teachers.

    It amazes me that the “fixes” are always meant to “correct” the problem by forcing communities to do things that economics and common sense would tell you are not good ideas.

    But hey, I am a white guy born into a comfortable middle class existence so what do I know?

  3. Old School Grump

    I read the link and have to wonder why they left out Rye!

  4. Andrew

    New Castle is also on the list. This one is just north of back country !

  5. Stanwich

    Unbelievable, truly remarkable that we’d waste time and considerable money on these worthless objectives. What is to be gained by cramming blacks into predominantly white Scarsdale except to create hostility and animosity towards minorities. Then another group of do-gooder lawyers can file claims for discrimination. Such crap, such a waste, so stupid.

    When my father landed here from Italy 40 years ago he worked really hard — that’s it. He faced a lot of discrimination but he never complained or cared, just kept working until he bought a house and put three kids through private college without a scrap of help from Uncle Sam and he still considers the US the greatest country in the world. Think about his plight versus minorities today that get every sort of hand-out and hand-up on our tax dollars.

    Moreover, these low income housing projects are more like prisons, literally and figuratively speaking. Look at Greenwich’s own efforts on this front and how generation upon generation of families stay put in Wilbur Peck, Armstrong Court, etc. It is just plain horrible policy. So sad that the proponents of these programs think they are actually helping people. A block grant to eliminate taxes in a downtrodden minority neighborhood would do far more to lift people up.

    When are people going to realize that these kinds of social engineering programs only waste money and don’t do a damn thing to help the people they are supposed to. Can anyone point to a situation where this kind of crap has benefitted minorities (and don’t talk about this “desegregation” as if it were Little Rock).

  6. Anonymousse

    Actually North Castle (parts of Bedford and Armonk) is one shy of back country; New Castle is Chappaqua.

    No matter what the list says, it isn’t going to happen. This story comes out every decade or so, then disappears.

  7. Anonymous

    I would be shocked if it happened in Bronxville!!

  8. Anonymous

    Why isn’t North Street a Magnet school?

    • christopherfountain

      North Street is a magnet school – certain parts of Cos Cob are allowed to attend it.

  9. networthdeclining

    In the current political climate be prepared for all kinds of government mandated “fixes”. Be prepared to fight them when they are driven by distant political objectives.

  10. just_looking

    Greenwich already has this – as does all of CT. It is under the guise of “8-30g” and it has worked its way throught the courts and is just now gaining traction. Allows builders to ignore local regulations if a certain % of project is marketed to low income. Multi-units in single family zones, 8 units on a 1/4 acre, you bet. Hartford make stupid chjoices and no one stopping them because no one wants to look like a racist, which really has nothing to do with it.

  11. Greenwich Gal

    North Street is most certainly not a magnet school…but you are being sarcastic, aren’t you, Chris? Maybe I am starting to catch on here.

  12. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Tell the Obama Administration to keep its goddam Gubbermint hands off my Medicare and my mortgage interest deduction.

  13. Rachelle

    I live within a relatively few paces of Wilbur Peck and Quarry Knolls and apart from everything else, these compounds kill the souls of every resident trapped within that subsidized hellhole. Check out the reports of intimidation and violence. The children in Wilbur Peck would be better off scattered almost anywhere else — other another housing project — wherever there is a mix of people doing normal things and not being defined by their dependence. The Talmud makes clear that the only charity worth a lick is anonymous to both the giver and the recipient. This is the exact opposite because it is so darn flagrant you know it, they know it and everyone knows that everyone else does too. Better a natural slum than that monstrosity.

    BTW, when my parents first came to America, they found cousins who “lucked out” in New York and received an apartment in a “nice” NYC project but that family paid a price for that cheap apartment and it wasn’t cheap. Their two sons were the only members of the entire extended family who barely made it through high school, got into trouble, didn’t aspire to a better place and most remarkably, stayed penned up in that miserable apartment for thirty years. My parents who weren’t so lucky, started out in a slum in Brooklyn that was too dangerous to stay in for one year let alone thirty and after a few moves, they bought a home (ironically not terribly far from the project) and put three kids through college, with one ultimately becoming a doctor and the other a lawyer. Another apartment in that project is now occupied by my cousins’ grandchildren and their kids. Across the street from Queens College. Not one college degree yet. Bah humbug.

  14. J

    High property taxes continuing to rise, increasing state income taxes and this forced segregation; bye bye Westchester, hello Fairfield County.

    I can see the migration now

  15. concerned

    let’s hope not, westchester has high taxes because the people want every service under the sun so when they come here what do you think is going to happen? They are going to demand that fairfield county provide everything that westchester did and does and taxes will rise here as well.

    wake up!

  16. J

    I think they are going to get far more services in Greenwich than Westchester County.

    The main reason “concerned”, that Westchester County has ridiculously high property taxes is because they have a useless and wasteful county government i.e. county officials, police and even county attorneys. I lived there and glad I left.

  17. W.

    If these units ever actually get built, they will no doubt go in the marginal corners of every nice town in Westchester. Since Westchester is basically built out, they will need to use eminent domain in many cases. The result will be displacement by force of the few people in these towns who approach middle class status in favor of people several notches down the economic chain, ensuring that Westchester will resemble, to an even greater degree, Brazil in terms of the magnitude of the class divide. Middle class backlash will ensue, but note that Westchester has 7 years to complete the plain, which is a curiously specific timeline designed to coincide with what?